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Bellasoul - August 13

Af was due the 11th (37 day cycle), supposedly I ovulated on the 20th of July. DH and I bd'd just about every day that week. I began cramping on the 31st of July (af like cramps) and then they stopped, now they come and go. I've never had AF like cramps until AFTER I actually started af. I'm wondering if this could've been implantation? Implantation day should've been around the 4th, but could it have happened a little earlier? Also, I have weird flutter like sensations in the area where I believe my uterus is (a little higher than where the cervix is) as well as around my belly button. I have had weird upset stomach aches also. Nausea somewhat, I haven't puked, but I've had the inclination to do so. And my sense of smell is crazy! Could this be pregnancy, and if not, what else would've cause af like cramping 2 weeks prior to me actually starting af?


Bellasoul - August 13

also forgot to mention cervix is still soft and high, cervical mucus is somewhat white & thin, almost like watered down lotion.


Camilla - August 13

Hey Bellasoul.I think they could've been implantation cramps, but I've also had them when not pregnant.You would normally expect to implant anything from 5-12 days after ovulation, I read that the later ones seem to have a slightly higher chance of m/c. Now I just discovered I am pregnant, and did have the upset stomach aches, and lots of cm, ever since 'o'. Not sure, what your flutters would be, since it's too early for a baby to start fluttering. I'm a bit confused about something though, you say you ovulated on the 20th? Are you sure? Cuz normally, with a long cycle of 37 days, you'd ovulate on around cycle day 23, so a little late, but still around 14 days before your period is due. This phase, the luteal phase, is pretty much always the same lenght, whereas the time leading up to o varies. But you're saying you expect AF 22.. days after you o'd. And I'd say that doesn't sound possible. What I mean is, either you ovulated later, or AF is due earlier than you'd thought. If you ovulated on the 20th, you are already 24 days past ovulation, and would technically be more than 5 weeks pregnant. So, any test should certainly come up positive by now. Unless of course, you ovulated a week later than you thought. Even that should come up BFP now though. Here's to a positive test Bellasoul and let us know!


Mel - August 13

Hi Bellasoul! Have you tested yet? That's the first thing I would do if I were you. Your symptoms sound promising, however, there could be other reasons for your feelings. Did you just get off the pill by chance? My first cycle off the pill I had similar symptoms. The cramps you were feeling could have been ovulation cramps. Many women experience cramping in the abdomen region when they ovulate. For some it lasts a few hours and for some it can last a day or so. Ovulation typically happens two weeks before af would come, so this may have been what you were experiencing. Did you have any spotting with the cramping? Implantation is sometimes accompanied by spotting of light pink or brownish blood when you wipe. I have read on this site that most women experience implantation bleeding around the time that af would arrive or a day or two afterwards. So cramping two weeks before af would seem early for implantation, but I'm sure stranger things have happened. I would be inclined to think you were probably experiencing ovulation cramps. I hope everything turns out the way you are hoping! Let us know how you make out if you do test! Take care and best of luck!


Ashley - August 13

while those are some syptoms of being pregnant maybe you should wait awhile and then go take a test.



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