Anyone A Few Days Late And Want To Chat Compare Stories

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Tiggy - October 8

Thank you so much alisara and MAC_33. i am so glad someone feels my pain!!lol. Still no period! My b___bs are hurting more (the burning tingling sensation), constant dull cramps, slight nausea (I really notice it at night too), I've felt bloated for the past few weeks, its like i've had PMS for the past few weeks. I am officially 2 weeks late today so who knows what the heck is going on. I don't use a OPK but i am pretty sure that I o'd around that time because of the discharge and I was a crazy woman with a lot of desire to express around that time too, lol!! I am just so puzzled because I have NEVER been this late off the pill (even when I went off it a few years ago) but the tests say otherwise, hmm.. I'll have to wait and see and also ask for a blood test too. So Mac_33 I am glad that I am not the only one! What other symtoms are you having?


mich00rn - October 8

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums as well, but it is nice to see that other people r feeling this way. I o'd on sept. 14/15 (used kit) and period due on sept. 30. Still no period but I only have weird cramping in lower back and right side. Plus I'm starving :) Tested neg on 30th,3rd and 5th. Today I think the urine test was +, hard to tell but definite 2 blues. I'm making myself crazy over the long weekend, what do ya think?


MAC_33 - October 8

Hey Tiggy! Cramping has been my main symptom. I ached a bit for 2 days when I O'd then nothing until about 6 DPO. Since then I have had an almost constant feeling of fullness around my uterus/cervix...I usually get twinges of pain low on the sides (almost to my hips and mostly on the left) that can feel strong when I wake every morning and then continue mildly through the day. And now my back has started aching over the past few days as well. My back and abdomen were cramping so much over the weekend that I thought for sure AF was on her way...but she's still not come. I had cold like symptoms (runny nose and sore throat) around days 7DPO - 12DPO, but none of those now. Omigod! The heartburn too! I have never suffered from heartburn and now have it every time I eat a meal! I've had a few pains shoot through my BBs but I can't say that they're sore or anything. My CM has been a constant white/yellow lotiony consistancy for the past 2 weeks too. Oh and now the gross part...I have a hemoriod! I think that I've only had a hemoriod once or twice in my life and now I have another. I swear I think that it's from all the low pressure that I'm feeling in my abdomen. Other than that I'm just VERY BLOATED. I have to say that I was stunned when I got my BFN this morning...if I'm not pregnant I can't imagine having this kind a PMS each month!


MAC_33 - October 8

Oh one more thing to add...I am TTC #2. My DS is 9 and when I become pregnant with him I didn't show a BFP until about 6 weeks pg. But that was a long time ago and I think that the tests now are much more sensitive now. I'll wait another day or two and test again if AF still doesn't show.


MAC_33 - October 8

mich00rn, what kind of tests did you use?


Tiggy - October 8

I so know how you feel! Its very frustrating isn't it? The cramps are driving me crazy. It is totally like a full feeling and I totally know what your are talking about with the hip pain! My b___bs are funny, usually I feel like they are so painful (nipples too)that they are going to fall off before my period. This time they only started hurting a few days ago only in top area, sides and under my armpits. I am TIRED but not exhausted and with a little nausea right now. Your right, we better be PG!! Cause this is the craziest PMS ever if not!


Tiggy - October 9

mich00rn, your test seems like an awesome sign! I took a HPT yesterday and got a definate BFN, not even a hint of a second line. Good luck when you test again. BTW, with your first pregnancy, did you test before the 6 week period, just curious because I "am" 6 weeks now (if that is the case) and I tested at 5 weeks with negatives. I'm also a bigger girl and wondering if that has something to do with it.


MAC_33 - October 9

Tiggy, I don't remember when I started testing when I was pregnant with my son but I do recall going through at least a half dozen tests before I got a BFP. I'm not sure if size has anything to do with getting a BFP or not...I weighed about 110lbs back then and am not much heavier than that now.


alisara - October 9

Morning girls! Hi Mac33 and dust to the both of you! Mich00rn....the test sounds like is is pos! thats great! as you know from reading my earlier post...awful af came for her visit to my house this month I am waiting to start trying again next month. I still like to follow your stories though! The endless symptoms can be so aggravating! Constipation is a big sign, and that may be causing the bloating and cramping too...I am not "regular" anyways, but when I was preg with my son, constipation was a huge symptom for me.


mich00rn - October 9

Hey Girls, BFP last night and this am! I called my OB and have an appt. on oct. 17. Still a little uneasy feeling, seeing as it took so long to get a +. What do you think? Glad to see that this weird cramping/twinging thing seems normal-mostly get it on the right side. Took an EPT with first faint + and cheapie CVS brand last night and today. So glad to hear everyones stories-good luck to all and Baby dust?! (im still new at this, I imagine baby dust is good :)


keerthy - October 9

CONGRATS mic.... though i dont know you... still am happy one among us is pregnant.... have a healthy 9 month pregnancy!!!!!! enjoy gurlll........... am so happpyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!


alisara - October 9

OMG! congrats Mich! That is so great! wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! How exciting! there is no better feeling than getting that BFP! I'm so happy for you!


michelly4 - October 9

MAC_33- I am having some of the same symptoms. I am 4 dpo and am having slight cramping. Also I have a tingling sensation in my bb's. So I guess we will see !


Tiggy - October 9

Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!!!


MrsW - October 9

Congrats, mich! So just an update for anyone who cares...Day 39 today, still no sign of period. So I took my one pregnancy test (a first response, which many people seem to swear by) and it was NEGATIVE. I'm actually relieved. As easy as it is to get all maternal and hopeful and giddy over the possibility of being pregnant, i'm stil 21 and only 2 months into my marriage. Not to mention still in school, with my husband in law school, so I'm sure you can all understand how stressful that would be for us with a child. I don't even have health insurance at the moment, because of just getting married and whatnot, but now I'm kind ofjust concerned about my erratic period...i mean 44 days is a long time, and this cycle is getting close to that. I am going to say its stress for now since i'm in my last semester of school, and stressed about having to do several presentations which freak me out. haha. anyway, just thinking out loud, but I'm sure I'll be checking here from time to time when I am feeling the baby fever again. (which is often:p)


MAC_33 - October 10

Tiggy, any new symptoms? I had a few waves of nausea yesterday and today and have been getting quick little headaches too. The cramps have lightened up a bit but I'm even more bloated. Tested last night though and of course got a BFN!



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