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Lisa - June 3

Hi I my af is due on June 10 I have been having cramping and really tried what are you experiencing????Please Share


Melissa - June 3

Hi lisa. My af is due 6/15 or around there. I have some light cramping in my lower abdominal area and this morning I woke up around 0500am w/ some indigestion and least I think it was indigestion. Didn't feel to good...=)


Kari - June 3

Hello Lisa, My AF is also due around June 7-10th. I am feeling very tired and had slight cramping, However, I am not experiencing any other symptoms such as blue veins, nauseous etc. I hope I am pregnant I would love to give my dh a great father's day present. I have been ttc for approx 3 months now and I hope this is the month for me.


Melissa - June 3

And for whatever reason..I have been hungry, hungry lately! Sometimes I crave something like chocolate cake and others I just want plain food, went walking last night cause I feel like a


Lisa - June 3

I never get my af early it is always right on time and always cramps on the day it comes so i hope this is a sign also i a little nausea yesterday a sort of feel like i am getting the flu i really hope i am pg and not getting myself all worked up for nothing my dh having been ttc on and off for about 5 years now this month we bd on my most fertile days so i hope we are good luck to all of you keep me posted and i will keep you posted too :-)


Melissa - June 3

I have a question cm always a sign of pregnancy?....Because I am always a little moist south of the border anyway..but this month seems to be the opposite...mostly dry...w/ a little cm here and there


Amy - June 3

lisa hi i'm due on the 11 don't think i have any real singns but feel a little more wet but i don't want to get my hope up either when are you guys going to test i'm going crazy wating!!!


Melissa - June 3

I am just going to wait until after I'm like a few days late. I'm going to keep myself busy with work and taking care of my stepkids and before i know it the time will be here....try and get more involved and the waiting game won't be do hard....=)


Kimberly - June 3

Hey Amy, I am also expecting AF on June 11. Like you Im going to try and wait without focusing on it. Looks like there are several of us who will be waiting together :)


Wendy - June 3

Hey Lisa,


Jenn - June 3

Lisa, my af is due on june 9, i have been feeling the same as melissa has, my dh and i are waiting a couple more mos before we ttc, so i am a little confused but we'll see what happens :)


Wendy - June 3

Hey Lisa, AF is due the 15th, hoping it will stay far, far away from all of us... I'm crampy, tired, excess salivation, and irritable, and very hopeful, which is what scares me. Anywho, good luck and baby dust to all!!!


* Marie * - June 3

Hey Lisa! Yeah I'm due about the 7th. Been tired, a lil cramping, SORE b___bs, feeling like i ahve heartburn ??? and lower back pain. I think its just my perios this month but I'm hoping to be pleasently surprised! Good Luck to you!


Melissa to everyone - June 3

I havent had any of the excess salivation or sore b___bs yet..i think its still to early for me to be experiencing that. But I have been having this light cramping in my abd area here and there. It isnt consistent. When af hits I usually get lower back cramps and hardly anywhere else. Anyone experience the same?..I am about a week off from af


Grayci - June 5

Hi ladies-May I join? My af is due around June 14 (I've been off the pill since Feb and its been 26d, 31d to 34d) so we'll see what happens. I believe I've ovulated June 1. Anyway, nothing too tell tale, except slight indegestion and nauseau in the evening (around dinner time). I also have a bladder infection-so the sickness could be linked to the anit-biotics. I've had every other PG symptom and its been linked to PMS and body getting back on track. Baby Dust, baby dust!!******


Grayci - June 5

Sorry-(its too late in the evening) I meant to finish saying that, I hope this time around its not confusing PMS symptoms and it'll be the real deal.


Jen - June 5

AF is due the 15th. Lower right abdominal pain, sleepy lots, slightly erect nipples. BD to all.



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