Anyone An Expert Of OPK S

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Bailey - January 19

I have been trying to conceive since May, 2005 with no luck - I've been tested and my doctor has assured me everything is perfect - they claim my husband is fine too because we did accomplish pregnancy but it ended in eptopic early last year. Anyway, I just started using OPK's - I got one from Clear Blue Easy - I like it because it shows an empty circle if no surge and a smiley face if O. It says I can test any time of day. Anyway, my cycles are approximately 28-32 days - my last af was on 1/3 and today is CD17 - no surge as of yet - I got some advice on the Problems Getting Pregnancy site and was told to use the OPK 2x a day - which I'm willing to try anything at this point - but a 7 day supply of these were $40 and if I'm testing 2x a day - anyway, I started testing on CD10 and I've had no sign of ovulating - I do have creamy white discharge - I would love to hear from anyone that has used OPK's - did you find you ovulated early, later, did you test 2x a day; did you test in the morning, afternoon, did you go 4 hours without anything to drink - Thanks in advance.


Cady - January 19

Well, first of all there is alot of research that actually says OPKs don't work for everyone. So don't really on an OPK "+" as the primary sign of o. Somewhere on here someone posted a link to a Consumer's Report review on ABC where they tested various brands of opks with samples of urine containing controlled and increasing amounts of the lutenizing hormone. They found that most were not consistant and only showed positives with ma__sive lh, which most woman don't have that much. Some woman have a lot less of the lh and opks never detect it. As for me, and my personal experience, I've been using them for the past 2 cycles, and both times found that had I not tested 2x a day, I would have missed my surge of least the surge that would have registered on the opk. I think if you really want to know when and if you o you should consider using charting of basal body temps, monitor cm, and cp and if you'd like to, use opks to possibly back up or reinforce what you probably already found out about your o date on your own. I keep telling people on here to read this pone book, b/c it totally answerws every question you could possibly have about how to monitor your fertility signs and it talks about the downfall of opks as use for primary signs. The book is callled "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and I HIGHLY recommend it if you're serious about ttc! Good luck to you!!!!!!!!


jeanette - January 19

Hey Bailey, has some really good stuff about opk's. Also, if you have a Dollar Tree close by, they have opk's that are only a dollar which makes it easy to test twice a day....I wasn't gonna use them at all this cycle but found one under the sink in the bathroom when I was getting something else and used it on cd13 and I was lucky, it was positive right away.....I then went to go get a few more to see how long my surge lasts...the first I did at 10:30 am and it was just as dark as the control line ( POS )....the second I did at 4:30 pm and it was darker than the control line (POS)...the third I did at 9:30 that night and it was lighter than the color of the control line ( NEG)....the 4th I did at 8:30 am the next morning and there was no line at all.....2pm that day and still no line. My surge lasted less than 12 hours and I have heard it can be even less than that for alot of if you are not testing twice a day, you may miss it....


jeanette - January 19

Oh yeah.....its better to test after 10am....before that your LH might not have had time to synthesize...


Lin - January 19

Baily, you can find opks on Ebay easily for $13 for 25 or possibly even better deals (I just took a quick look and found the $13 deal - that's including shipping). The pharmacy prices are just ridiculous. The same goes for pregnancy tests. I just bought 20 pg tests for $8, including shipping.


d - January 19

I found that when I tested at 4pm it was better. I didn't drink as many liquids as the morning but i sitll had some. That is when I got the best line. But mind you. I am still waiting to find out if I am pg.


jeanette - January 19

Wow LIN...! 25 for $13??....I think I'll do that next cycle....thanks!!


Lin - January 19

Yep, they're not in a fancy package or a fancy plastic casing, but they do the job just as well if not better. They're just tiny little skinny strips you dip in your pee for 5 seconds. I used them last month, and I really liked them. Three days before O, I got a line that showed up but was slightly faint, and on the day before O I got a line that was exactly the same magnitude as the test line. Worked like a charm, though if I used them again, I'd do it twice a day. I really do think it would be easy to miss the peak. If I recall correctly, I did two tests the day before O. The first one was the positive one, and the second one was faint again. So had I not done the first one, I would have missed the surge.


jeanette - January 19

I know Lin...with my little playin around with them this cycle, I might have missed it sure doesnt stick around for long, does it?


jeanette - January 19

meant to say "without" playin around with them.....sorry, brain fart reached my fingers...


Deb - January 20

Definitely use them 2x a day and get them from ebay or online...way cheaper. They worked for me!


tiki - January 20

hi ladies, i just wanted to let you know if you don't already that dollar tree sells OV test strips(along with hpt's) i knew about the hpt(since i buy all the time) but last month i noticed that the dollar tree in the town i live also sold OV testers so needless to say anymore i bought 20($20 worth) and just started using them this cycle . i will keep u posted on how they work....according to my 27-28 day cycle i am due to ovulate around the 23rd or 24th (if my cycle is a normal one) so we will see what the test say....and keep you ladies posted on "my opinion" :+)


Lin - January 20

Ok girls, let's just forget about Dollar Tree AND Ebay. Here's 50 opks for $18.99: (as usual, remove any dashes that show up in the url).


Cindy Johnson - January 20

Hey girls I just bought 100 Opk's from and I got 100 hpt's from there for 34.99 also. Free shipping! Great deal I think! I also wanted to add that the Opk's are kind of confusing to me too. I am still using them. I guess I will figue it all out. :)



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