Anyone An Expert On Ovarian CYSTS

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patrizia - January 30

Does anyone knew how a cysts reabsorbs itself? do you spot a bit, bleed, what color is it? With -out having an U/S is there anyway we can knew a cyst is shrinking? is there any way we can help get rid of them naturally, food wise, or vitamin wise...


jezebel1018 - January 30

i had one once. it burst and unfortunately coincided with the few days before af so it was awful but your body just reabsorbs the fluid naturally (when it bursts). i did not leak even when it burst. i only knew it was a cyst because of ultrasound. im not sure if theres any way to shrink sorry you have one :(


faithhopelove - January 31

I get them multiple times a year. I ovulate perfectly, it's just my body doesn't absorb the follicle so much lol. They're supposed to reabsorb, but it they don't, it just attaches to the ovary. Sometimes there is blood inside of the cyst, and normally it's no cause of concern. You don't spot or bleed with it usually, I never did. I actually had my period be late whenever I got them. They usually shrink within a month or two, unfortunately mine burst and they are PAIIIINFFFULLL I scream! But within 30 minutes, the pain is gone, the soreness is gone. I feel much much better. No damage to the ovaries. Some women are more prone to them then others, but mainly every women will get one at one point. It's just something that happens girl. Take it easy. And becareful when having s_x, because thats how mine burst!


cutiemb17 - January 31

can you get pregnant if you have cysts?


luvmyike - January 31

i don't claim to be an expert but i have had 2 cysts to rupture and one that I had to get surgically removed. I have endo so that is probably why they tend to stick around and grow. just as the others have said there isn't any spotting or anything like that. if it ruptures, your body absorbs the fluid naturally. When a cyst ruptures it is extremely painful but if surgery is not completely necessary it is best that it ruptures on it's own. The one that I had to have surgically removed was the size of a large lemon and we waited 3 weeks for it to shrink. to be sure that it was not damaging my ovary, my doc decided to do a laporoscopy. there was no damage to my ovary but my endo was pretty bad. yes, you have to have an u/s to see if it is shrinking and you have to just wait to see if it will shrink on it's own. there is nothing that you could do to help shrink it. My doc did put me on bedrest-just cause she did not want me driving if it decided to rupture. My doc also waited for my cycle before doing surgery to see if my cycle would get rid of it. However, that did not work. Just take it easy and you may need to have several u/s to see if are making progress with shrinking.


faithhopelove - January 31

You can absolutely get pregnant if you have cysts. There are different kind of cysts. With polycystic ovaries, You have cysts (follicles) stuck inside of the ovary that are not being released due to lack of hormones/unleveled hormones. The egg does not release in which, you can not get pregnant. However, it depends on the severity of your PCOS that would happen. There also is functional cysts. Functional cysts are formed when you OVULATE, after the egg is RELEASED (So you are capable of getting pregnant), the follicle the egg was in does not get reabsorbed by the body and attaches ontop of the ovary causing pain, missed period, soreness, (pregnancy symptoms such as sore b___sts, cramps).


flis - January 31

I was diagnosed with cysts about 4 weeks ago and told i had to wait 6 weeks for another ultrasound to see if they are shrinking. If they are 5cms or above and not shrinking you might need surgery. If they are fairly large or in a certain place you can apparently feel them, if you press on around your abdomen. I have also been told that if you take the pill this will possible help shrink them. Do you have any symptoms like back ache, b___st tenderness or tummy ache? This may give you some indication



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