Anyone Conceived During The Pre Menstrual Phase

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Rachael - June 22

Last week I got a positive on the home preg. test but my time of conception(if at all) was definetly during the pre-menstrual phase which I know is generally not an ideal time for conceiving.Additionally I still have pre-menstrual symptoms like lower abdominal heaviness, slight cramping/pain & tender br___ts(which after visiting this wonderful site,I realize could be normal).Is there anybody who conceived at a similar time?I dont have currently so cant rule out abnormalities.My first conception - anxiously awaiting answers, thanks


Shelly - June 21

If the home test says you're pregnant--you are. As you already stated your symptoms are normal pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy is linked to ovulation, not your period. Sperm can live inside the uterus for up to a week. If you ovulate while they're alive, you'll get pregnant. Every woman ovulates a little differently. It's time to get prenatal care. You might want to try to get insurance before you go to the doctor. Once you have records, it will be a preexisting condition and won't be covered. In the meantime go to the health food store ang some prenatal vitamins and start taking them right away. Good luck.


Rachael - June 21

Shelly, you're an angel.Thanks a bunch for the response and advise.Before discovering this site, I was sure something was wrong with me since I was'nt getting my periods but still having all the typical pre-menstrual signs I mentioned which none of my friends experienced during their pregnancy.Only after reading these postings did I breath a sigh of relief.Kudos to you, all participants and especially creators of this website.(BTW my 2nd test after a week came positive too).


Melissa - June 21

What do you mean by pre-menstrual phase? Do you think you conceived before you started you last period? If your home pregnancy test came up positive, than you are most definetely pregnant since those tests detect the pregnancy hormone HCG. Your "pre-mentrual" symptoms are also signs of early pregnancy. The best time to conceive is, of course, around the time you ovulated. Most women ovulate 14 days after their last period, but ovulation can occur at anytime during a woman's cycle because of different factors. I would see a doctor if you are having doubts. Otherwise, congratulations! It sounds like you conceived at just the right time! God Bless You!


Rachael - June 22

yes Melissa, I conceived just before my normal time for periods to start.Thats the reason I was concerned since its an odd and unlikely time.I read HCG is also present in abnormalities like Hydatid mole and ectopic pregnancy - I guess since I want to conceive so bad I'm subconsciously trying to avoid disappointment by thinking up all the possible abnormalities.Well, keeping my fingers crossed until I can get to a doc, till then I've decided to enjoy this wonderful feeling of being a two-in-one!


eliza help please - June 22

i had s_x while i was on my period and then i got my period a bit after a month later but it wasent normal it was brown and really light, now iv been getting pains in my stomach feeling tired aeting alot and i have bulge at my lower stomach, could i be pregnant and do you have to wait till after you due date of you period to take a preg test ???????????????????????????????????????????????? help please



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