Anyone Crave PLAYDOH

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Mary Ann - October 25

I want to eat my daughter's playdoh so badly. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I had to put it outside so I wouldn't eat it for breakfast! What is going on????!!!!


T - October 25

Hi Mary ann, It's perfectly normal to have really strange cravings while pregnant. I have read where women have craved dirt. Please don't eat the


M.A. - October 25

ok, I just broke down and ate the playdoh and it was DELICIOUS! I am thinking of sauteing it in b___ter for dinner! help....


d - October 25

Get yourself some marzipan it smells much the same...... safer I think! :)


ma - October 25



To Mary Ann - October 25

It is probably cause it is salty and you remember eating when you where a kid. I tasted it when I was a kid. wasn't bad at all. LOL!!


>>> - October 25

Just don't star eating paste =o) Hehe!!


Kira - October 25

Hmm thats creepy, but i've heard of worse. A friend of mine craved boogers (snot), she confided in me. YUCK!! I'd choose playdoh over snot for sure!


>>> - October 25

Me too!!!!


Krissy - October 25

oh YUMMY! I love boogers, but you have to know how to cook them. We have boogers at least once a week sometimes twice if somebody has a cold. You all are invited to my house for fried boogers!!!


cc - October 25



Mary Ann - October 25

I am going to make Playdoh Helper tonight for dinner. Yummy!


Allie - October 28

Just reading these posts...they are great!!! Too funny!! Wonder what I will crave when my time comes.


M.A. - October 29

Well, I did it! I made a playdoh turkey. First, I shaped it into a turkey making all the parts the right colors. (Kind of hard without brown). And then I warmed it up in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Go NON-TOXIC!!!!


lol - October 29

My friend craved Cascade


Sally Mae - October 29

I remember when I was pregnant, I craved bleach with a little antifreeze mixed in. Mmm... the smell. I had to drink with moderation though. I would feel a bit woozy if I drank too much.



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