Anyone Due 11 22 And Already Hpt

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Hopen4baby - November 18

I'm going out of my mind? Af due 11/22, I'm 9dpo. I tested this morning (bfn). Could I still be pregnant? Was it too early? Please answer.


T - November 18

What test did you use... some test say you can test 4 days early, but they're not good... some w/50 - 100 miu's.. maybe you had one at 50 -100... I'm due for mine 11/23. And I'm too going out of my mind.. I'm testing tomorrow with EPT it's at 25 miu.


Hopen4baby - November 18

I used First Response Early Result. It says you can test 5 whole days before an expected af. I think I'll test again tomorrow. Have you had any symptoms-IB, cramping, sore bb's,etc.?


T - November 18

I'm having a little b___st fullness. Saliva build up, cervical mucus. Will this be your first baby??? Good luck!


Hopen4baby - November 19

Second baby. I have a daughter already. Tested again this morning.....still BFN! I'm still hoping. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Hi hopen4 - November 19

Some women dont bfp until after expected period or at the very least the day before. I know, its hard to be patient! But there is still hope....Good luck and God bless & lots of babydust to you!!


Hi - November 19

I tested a 9 dpo and got a line after 2 hours on First Response. I called it neg because it was way past 10 minutes. I figured it was evaporation line. That night I did another FRER and got a super light line within 20 minutes, still past the 10 minute mark, but next am did my last FRER and got a light line within 1 minute. It never showed up really good until 11 dpo so I would say you are still ok. I must have implanted early. Good luck and let us know !!


T - November 27

Wow!! I'm pregnant. I was due for my mense 11/23. Took a home pregnancy test the day b4 and it was positive. Now I'm still nervous becuz I've had back to back miscarriages, but all seem ok right now. I am having symptoms such has tender b___sts, cervical muscus, gas... No nausea at this time. If my calculation is right I'm 5 weeks tomorrow. I see my doctor on 11/29. I hope my visit is a happy one. I pray all who are trying a success!! God bless to all


Congrats T - November 27

did your dr. do a progesterone level on you yet? I don't see my dr. until this wed. but he did prog. check already to see if my levels were ok since I had m/c before. My levels were good, but if they weren't he was going to start me on progesterone suppositories right away to help the baby. Good luck to you!!


T - November 27

No not yet! I've never known of it, until some weeks ago, but I will question it on my visit. Thank you so much!


to T - November 27

may God bless you and your little one for a safe and healthy 9 months! Congrats again.



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