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CELIA - March 11



claire - March 12

Hi Celia, how long is your cycle that way you can work out if it's the right time. I'm due for af on the 19/3 (i don't want it!!). I'm hoping that we've gotten lucky this month. I'm trying not to think about symptoms incase i start to imagine them - been through all that before and it's a let down when af shows!! Good luck to you and I would say you've a pretty high chance of being pregnant as you had s_x over a couple of weeks.


Celia - March 12

My usual cycle length is 30 days. Thank you 4 your response. I wish u all the luck in the world. I too have been threw all the symptoms then af rears her ugly head.


claire - March 13

I'm around 30-32 cycle so we're pretty similar. I ovulated on 4th Mar so roughing my times on your's, I'd say we both stand a pretty good chance. In fact, we had s_x on the same days, apart from one!! I'm hoping you get a BFP. This waiting is horrible! One more week to go - I'm gonna be strong and not take an early test and just see what happens! Good luck to you - keep in touch.


celia - March 13

Hey claire I think I am due for AF on the 19th too I miscalculated. R u supposed 2 count the day you started as day 1? Was having some b___st tenderness but not amymore, sometimes nausea, my bf said it looked like I had bags under my eyes? not very nice, but could also be a sign of fatigue.


claire - March 13

Yes, count the first day of your period as day 1. For the past couple of days my b___bs have been pretty tender and I've been having a bit of nausea. I so hope this is our lucky month. Keep away AF, please keep away!!


Celia - March 14

Hey Claire how r u doing? I could be better the waiting is killing me. I keep telling myself that I'm not PG so that in case AF does come I won't be so disappointed. Going to the Dr. in a little while, see what he recommends. He mentioned something about a specialist. Keep me posted!!!


T - March 15

Im due on the 18th of Mar.. I had s_x on the 3rd of March the day of which I was most fertile during the time I was ovulating.. Im not ready for a child, but I really want a child.. so Im hoping God gives me what I need and not what I want.. And I hope I need a baby.. LoL... But u had s_x on the 1st and the 3rd your chances for very high... So here's some *baby dust* and I wish u the best


claire - March 16

hi Celia. I'm the same - I keep thinking AF will show, AF will show so that I don't get my hopes up. Mind you, it is getting hard as my b___bs are so tender. They're not normally this bad waiting for AF. However, they look the same size. Wouldn't they get bigger if I was pg? How's your symptoms? 4 more days to go. Keep away AF!!!


b2 - March 16

i think i'm due around the 18th also. my husband and i have been trying for 5 months now and i hope this time it worked. we have been doing it every other day, pretty much the same dates as you. we had s_x on 3-3 then on 3-4 i had ovulation pains. we then had s_x again on 3-5 where i noticed ihad ewcm. the timing seems good i think. our fingers are crossed. i really haven't had too many signs though. my b___sts are very very sore to the point it's hard to find a good sleeping position. no real cramping just ga__sy. your dates sound good though. i hope baby dust has finally reached you. keep us posted. best of luck.


Celia - March 16

Well if AF is coming I should start to spot tomorrow. I always spot the day before. I pray to God I don't start. To all of you i will be praying for you also. I also had ovulation pains mine were on 3-3. My b___sts are a little tender but also when I'm about to start AF. It is so frustrating that you get the same symptoms for AF as you do if you are PG. Keep me posted everyone!!!


Angela - March 16

I'm due for Af on the 18th. I pray that it doesn't come for either of us. Good luck!


claire - March 17

Hi All. Are we all still hanging in there??!! Today my sore b___bs seem to have subsided although last night I found it hard to lay on them they were so sore. Today I can feel twinges in my abdomen - almost like AF is gonna show. I'm not feeling very positive today....Nothing else points to pg. I'm on day 29 of a 30-32 day cycle. How are you all getting on with the waiting/symptoms? Baby dust to all.


b2 - March 17

hi all i'm still waiting. af should arrive tomorrow and usually today i should have cramps but i don't. hopefully it's a good sign. i have been having some small twinges in my lower ab. don't know exactly what it could be. maybe it's a new af sign. who knows. b___bs are still quite sore and it's becoming a problem. it's hard too sleep and workout. i agree with you on how it's sooo frustrating that pg and af signs are the same. i'm keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up because i hate being let down each month. best of luck to all and i hope none of us see our af this month. keep us posted.****baby dust*****


sm - March 18

Well, ladies I am out of the running for this month. AF showed up a day early. Good luck to all of you this go around.*****Baby Dust*********


claire - March 18

So sorry to hear that 'sm', good luck to you for next time around. Is anyone gonna test today? I'm just gonna wait and see I think. I'm due for AF anytime from today. I'm having slight twinges in my abdomen and am worried AF might been lurking around the corner. I sooo hope not. Celia - you mentioned previously u normally getting spotting - did you get it? Hopefully we'll all have some good news this weekend. ***Baby Dust****


b2 - March 18

well ladies still no AF today. i don't have any cramps either. b___bs are still heavy and sore so maybe AF will be coming a day or two late. i hope not though. i'm not too sure when i should test and if i do what test to use. i have an ept and a 1st response but i don't think the 1st response is an early detection one - don't know if it matters or not. how is everyone else doing today? is anyone going to test? if so when? keep us posted.***baby dust*** hope someone on here has good luck.



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