Anyone Due AF Tomorrow 21st

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J - April 20

Hi, is anyone due af tomorrow and would like to share their symptoms. I dont have any symptoms whatsoever apart from slightly tender nipples (only when they are squeezed slightly but thats probably due to me squeezing them to much). I am remaining hopeful even though I am sure af will rear her ugly head. My friend who now has had her baby told me she had no symptoms at all until she found out she was pregnant and only after then seemed to pee a lot more, shes told me not to give up hope until the fat lady sings. It would be nice to hear from anyone ttc or anyone who is pregnant to see how they were feeling prior to af


Ducky - April 20

I am due for AF today. I have been having a little cramping but nothing major and my back hurts. Also I am not bloated, I'm usually a blimp by now. Also, I am not craving chocolate or sweets! That is really strange but I have been stressing this waiting thing. As a matter of fact I have a pint of Cherry Garcia yogurt in the freezer that I have barely touched a couple of spoonfuls the last two nights and it's still mostly full. That really would have been gobbled up by now normally. I would have at least dug all of the chocolate out of it. I've had sore b___bs for a week. I have had one friend tell me that she felt nothing, knew nothing and another tell me that she was running to the bathroom every few minutes with a tampon ready thinking she was going to start so I am at a loss. I guess I will know when I take the test in the morning, or if it starts today. Waiting is torture. This is my first month ttc. Also, (sorry to be graphic but...) my pee has smelled really weird since about a week ago. Sort of like if I had eaten a bunch of asparagus everyday, that and it is unusually yellow, or with a yellow stream in it, like right after you have taken a vitamin. Except I haven't just taken a vitamen except my prenatals at night and I drink tons of water so my pee is usually clear all day. I have also had to pee a lot but I always pee a lot as I drink so much water. So, I'm thinking either I am pg or have some kind of strange uti. I guess I will find out. Best of luck to you!!!


J - April 20

Ducky, I know what you mean about the waiting, its a killer. I have been ttc for 5 months after coming of bc which I was on for 15 years and body has been all over the place since I stopped but it seems to be sorting itself out slowly. Keep me posted on how you go tomorrow. I will probably try a test on Saturday if af a no show (dont ask me how I am going to wait that long but will try my best). Good luck to you I'll send lots of baby dust your way.


Kristina - April 20

Af is due today for me and I am very bloated. I feel slightly crampy, but not like PMS cramps. More like twinges. I am also very tired. BB's are not sore at all, maybe the slightest bit tender, but not sore. I have been home almost all day just waiting to see AF. I took at test this am and it was negative. Due to my luteal phase, I am actually only 11 or 12 DPO, so hopefully I just tested too soon. I will try again Friday if AF does not show. Good luck to Ducky and J!


Kelly - April 20

J, I am also waiting for af tomorrow. I just got off the pill in Dec. my cycles have been like this..24, 25, 25, 29 (but ovulated later than normal..stress) and today is day 29. I took a test 4/16 & 4/19 (4/19 was 14 dpo) and it was neg. I had cramps starting last week almost every day I think..felt like I was on AF, have had headaches, backaches, veiny b___bs, really hungry in the a.m., high bb temps, twinges in my b___bs..they don't hurt though. Normally my b___bs hurt b4 AF and i'm b___hy and eat everything in site. I haven't had any of my normal pms symptoms. At the same time, I am wanting to be prego very badly so I'm wondering if that is causing my period to be late. I have come to the conclusion that either my cycle has drastically changed as far as my symptoms go, or i am definately prego. I am going for a blood test Friday a.m. if i don't start tomorrow. I suggest the same for you! Anyone else that reads this..what do you think?


Anonymous - April 21

I'm supposed to start AF on the 21st also. We're not actually ttc, but I've been nauseous all day today, have vomited twice. I couldn't even eat supper, sat down at the dinner table, and promptly got up and got sick in the bathroom. No b___st tenderness, but have been extremely emotional lately, more so than i normally am before bloating like i normally have, i too feel like a blimp normally..and i too have not craved any chocolate whatsoever like usual. I usually drink coke a lot, but lately have not had a taste for it at all. I mostly feel like i have stomach flu really bad....i took a test today, but it was negative.


J - April 21

Kristina & Kelly Let me know how you get on tomorrow but some of your symptoms sound promising for you both (unlike mine). Anonymous have you tried taking a test? Good luck everyone I hope you get what you all want.


Jen - April 21

My af is due tomorrow. I have a little soreness in my b___sts, I have had a little cramping, and something I am a little puzzled about. Every once in a while my underpants are a little wet as though I wet my pants. It is clear and liquid definately not urine though. I had no symptoms before I found out I was pregnant with my son. I was pretty sure I was pregnant though. We did the bd 4 times in one day, one of the happiest days of dh life. :0)


Kristina - April 21

Af did not show yesterday, so I am thrilled, but refuse to take a test until Sunday. That way I am about 15-16 DPO. Pray that AF does not show before now and then. Symptoms are really the same, although I had a BAD stomach yesterday all day., but I think it was from all the junk I ate. My BB's are not sore at all. I am having tiny little twingy cramps in my lower abdomen, but that could be AF on her way. I will keep you posted and good luck to all!


J - April 21

Oh no I just checked the calendar and I am not due till 22nd. What a bummer I thought things were looking good for me then. Will report in tomorrow and let you know the outcome. Good luck everyone.


Kelly - April 21

Udate on my Af..the update is that it hasn't come yet :) I have hardly any cramping today unlike yesterday..I've still thought it was here a couple of times..I will be 17 dpo tomorrow and am going in for a blood test..can't handle the wait anymore and I don't want to take the chance on a false neg. hpt. I want to know for sure!! I think 20 bucks is worth the piece of mind..don't you guys?? I'll let you know one way or the other. Overall I feel normal today, no symptoms other than I'm late :)


Ducky - April 21

AF came with a vengeance at 3 a.m. this morning. Luckily I got off work today early for a 4 day weekend so I am hanging with the cats and the advil. I am so glad I found this group in my first month of trying, I am driving my friends and husband nuts with details. I'll need some more buddies for around May 18th. Good Luck to all!!! I'm thinking of having that frozen yogurt now...


shan - April 21

Af was due yesterday and it didn't start yet but did have very light brown spotting on Monday and Tuesday (cd 26 and 27). Yesterday I was very dizzy and my bbs are sore. I have also had tightness in my abdomen. My doctor said if AF doesn't show up by Monday to do a blood test. I am keeping my fingers crossed since we have been ttc for almost two years. Good luck to everyone else.


Kristina - April 21

Ducky - sorry to hear about d__n AF!!!! Al least TTC is fun! ;) Baby dust for MAy for you!!!!! Shan~ I hope AF does not show for you. I am feeling tight in the abdomen and having major indigestion today. All I ate was chicken over a salad. I am feeling pretty miserable right now. Still extremely bloated too. If Af is not here by Sunday, I will probably go to the doctor on Monday for a blood test, too. Keep me posted on your sysmptoms.


shan - April 21

Kristina, I wish you luck as well. My biggest symptom is the dizziness. It is very weird. I get light headed and then dizzy. I am also a lot more hungry today than usual but who knows why. I am also a bit ga__sy. Good luck to you. Keep me posted. Baby dust to you.


Shan - April 21

Kristina, I have been feeling low energy all afternoon so much so that I can't even think straight. I feel light headed and dizzy. I also feel like my head is clouded. I just don't feel well at all. I hope that this is a good sign. It would be worth it if I'm pregnant.


Kristina - April 21

Shan~ I took some Tums - and feel MUCH MUCH Better! But I am still so bloated I can't even get into my jeans. I am not overweight. 5'3" and 110lbs. I know I could not possibly be showing yet, but it sure looks like it. Are you going to test before Monday? I may test tomorrow am - that would put me at 13-14 DPO. Maybe still too soon. Are you feeling better?



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