Anyone Due Around Aug 22 2005

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TG - December 29

I was just wondering what someone else is feeling who is due around the same time as I am. This is my first!


kk - December 30

if i am i will be! just waiting for a pos result,how many weeks were you when you tested pos?


Jay - December 30

My last af was November21, 2004 - and just did the math - I think I around the same time. How have you been feelling? I am very tired, sore b___sts and CRANKY - short tempered. No signs of morning sickness - hope I lucked out. KK - When did y ou ovulate? I just tested positive a few days ago.


TG - December 30

I was only 4 weeks when I tested positive. It was actually the day I was late. I had a feeling though! My last AF was Nov. 15 so that puts me at 6 1/2 weeks. I am feeling some slight morning sickness until about noon. Then I am pretty hungry all day! My b___bs are extremely sore and have gotten larger already. Also, I have been very tired. I have slept over 10 hours the past two nights. But I am back to work on Monday so I better go to bed earlier. I know I ovulated on Nov. 29-30. I did the ovulation test and it worked! Good luck to all! Have either one of you been to the doctor yet? My next appointment is Tuesday.


Cat - December 31

Hiya, im due august 26th, im 6 weeks pregnant, i cant wait!!! Good luck xXx


m.m. - December 31

do u know if it's a boy or girl??? just wondering


kate - December 31

Aug.4th.I've had my first u/s.I will be 40 at time of delivery..will be going for an amnio.


bb - December 31

your first what?lie?


Jay - December 31

Hi Gals - Just wondering if any of you are experiencing a bit of cramping? I am having slight period cramps, along with a bit of discomfort in my lower back - hope these are not negative signs ...:( Please fill me in on your symptoms....


sharon - January 1

if im pregnant it will be due this time. im a week late and have been getting alot of clear discharge,tiredness,feel hungry,sometimes a bit sick.


khb - January 1

Hey TG, Congrats!!! I had AF on Nov. 16th so mymath puts me at or around august 23. I too am very short tempered and my b___bs are SOOOOOOOOO sore, I thinkin even larger too. Well good luck!!!


Cat - January 2

My LMP was 20th november makes me 6 weeks 2 days, but my cycle is only 25days so i think he/she might be sure 23rd... got my 1st u/s on the 6th jan, i hope everything will be ok =)


TG - January 3

khb Congrats to you too! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and am really excited to see the progress! I am not feeling so hot though. Some MS, sore b___bs and lots of gas build up in my stomach (digestion is all messed up I think). Take care!


TG - January 3

Jay, YES...the slight period like cramping that you are having seems normal. I also had that as well as the back pain. I have read that it can be your uterus stretching. How else are you feeling?


Lucky1 - January 4

Hi TG, I am a little behind you, base on my LMP I am due on Sept. 15. How you feeling so far? I don't feel preg so I'm bugging out. the only thing I have are sore b___bs, cramps occasionally and constipation. No Mornig sickness yet, how about you? Oh yeah, and my stomach is still as flat as a board.....


Jay - January 4

TG - my symptoms are extremely sore b___bs, tired, CRANKY, and for some reason my tummy is bigger - and gets Huge at night - like a bloating or something. I can't fit into my jeans anymore...hmmm....oh and no, I haven't gained any weight - only my tummy is bloaty and big..I don't know what is going on, ,,maybe cause it isn't my first child....anybody else have a big tummy?


Nick - January 4

I am due August 24th. I started off 25 pounds heavier than I should be, so I joined a gym today. I want to be in top shape for labor.



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