Anyone Due For AF 10th Jan

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Mcc - December 31

2nd mth TTC.. last month had all the symptons mentioned on this site.. but nothing... so only 4-5 dpo and twingy br___ts but nothing else.. bummer.. so if anyone else is waiting until the 10th for the dreaded AF.. let me know.. we can go through it together..


minnie - December 31

Hi there I'm due on the 10th. Tingly b___sts (get that before AF tho') bit of nausea. Had all this before and nothing tho' so trying not to think too much.


Man - December 31

1st mth TTC; AF due on the 10th. This would be second baby. We will see. Good luck to all.


Serenna - December 31

This is my second month TTC and my af is expected on the 10th also. Good luck to all you ladies..and i'll pray for you.


Shannon - January 2

Hi, I believe my AF is due on the 10th, its hard to tell because for the past few months I have been strangely irregular (I have always been spot on... right down to the time of day!) So I think it's due on the 10th! I believe I only just ovulated two days ago and so far no signs at all. Me and my Hubby have been trying for almost a year now. If we aren't pregnant this month I believe we will go to the Doctors. My mom had problems with getting pregnant with my Brother and I... took her 8 years with him and another 5 with me. Hopefully there is nothing wrong! Anyways, Sorry to ramble on... I just find it nice being able to talk to people who are in a similar boat! I'll keep you all posted on what happens during the next couple of weeks.


Shannon - January 2

Sorry everyone.. after all that... I just looked on the calender and I'm not due for AF until the 16th. Sorry ladies! Well, unless Af continues to be VERY irregular I don't think I will be in the same boat as you all! :-) Sorry again!


WJ - January 4

I am...month 8 of trying. I've read so much stuff, I have no idea if I have symptoms or not. No big differences to note. I took a test this morning and it was negative, so I'm not sure if it was too early or another "no". Best of luck to you...


kim - January 4

im due for af today she is not here yet!! I have restde 2 times and still neg. Hopefully to soon. Good luck ladies


nikki - January 4

I am due for AF on or around the 11th. I have early signs of pregnancy, but I have never been pregnant so I do not know what to expect. I haven't missed a period yet, but my last period was different than normal, but I think a pregnancy test would have showed up positive if I was preg from last month. I am just waiting it out now!!! Good luck to everyone! :)



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