Anyone Due For Af Around The 5th And Have Any Symptoms

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wanda - March 29

I am due for af around the 5th of April. I was just wondering if anybody out there is due around the same time and if so, do you have any symptoms? I have been having sore nipples for the last few days and at time it feels like someone is using my br___ts as a punching bag! i have also been having headaches and alot of white discharge (no smell or itching sorry tmi) and some af like cramps but very light...what do you think? could these be early signs?? i tried an hpt..ok ok...a few hpts! and of course they are neg because its too early :) i just cant help it! anyone have sore nipples as a first sign that they were pregnant? please help


jena - March 29

you have a lot of sypmtoms! good luck to you!


jez - March 29

Hey im waiting for the 4/5th also!!! it is so hard not to test!!! i have been sick w what i think may be the flu since the weekend! but i am havin discharge also!! haedaches and just so tired also runny nose but im not sure if all that is just because i am sick?, no sore b___bs yet but they do feel heavier!.....BABY DUST**********


Sabrina - March 29

I'm waiting for the 2-4th april, I've been having symptoms had heartburn real bad this evening, bloated belly, ga__sy (which makes me feel nauseas(sp), cranky and tired, very occasional sore bb's ,but even with all these symptoms I still don't think I could be and still think it's in my head, I have a hpt in the bathroom cupboard I am so tempted to use it tomorrow morning, I will be cd24 so I have 4 to 6 days left til af possibly. Baby dust to all.


layla - March 29

I'm waiting on April 1 (fools day...ha,ha) don't have any symptoms of AF or PG. I usually always break out before AF but so far nothing.


erica - March 29

I'm in the same boat. Im waitting on 2-4th. Im very inpatient. Every little cramp I get freaks me out. I really want to be pregnant. My symptoms are ga__sy, exsessive saliva, sore nipples and frequent bowels.


Sabrina - March 29

I'm the same erica, I'm so impatient and want it to happen yesterday, but although I have loads of symptoms, I feel like I might be imagining them because I want it so much. Baby dust.


erica - March 29

Girls! I'm praying for all of us tonight. And if for some reason we are not. It's always for a reason. Just don't ever stop trying. Eventually we'll all be pregnant some day.


Kelly - March 30

Hi wanda, I am also due for af on the 5th. Just like everyone else I am feeling some symptoms of pregnancy: tired, very cranky, off and on sore and heavy b___sts, light cramping and a lot of saliva. I am trying for my second baby and I really do not remember what my symptoms were the first time...... Good luck to you and I will keep my fingers crossed, all of our symptoms could indicate pregnancy......or could be ovulation or pms! CRAZY!


sophia - March 30

erica- I started to laugh when I read your posting, becuase I'm the same way,every little cramp freaks me too!, I swear its like Im going crazy! the one thing that upsets me is that I have no sore b___bs and that seems to be the number one symptom- well **BABY DUST** to all ;-)


Brittany - March 31

Im due for AF around the 5th. I have symptoms like sore, swollen b___sts, being emotional, gas,and some oocasional cramping. But I dont think theres anyway I can be preg. b/c I used a spermicide condom AND withdraw method. I hope Im not preg. Im scared that I am.


Laura - March 31

I think we need to make our own forum of April 5th testers. There is 3-4 threads going on. Its awsome b/c now there is lots of people to talk to. I'm really wondering if this is my month. Last week it was really too early to tell and felt like reg. PMS, cramps, sore b___bs ect. But 7 DPO I had a serious hot flash and my face was all red (I've heard that its a sign of implantation) I was dry after OV but for the past few days its picked up and is the clear/white creamy discharge, I'm developing the white bumps on my areolas, my b___sts and nipples are sensitve but they don't hurt as much as they do when PMS happens. I have constant minor cramps all the time. 2 days ago I started peeing like crazy and its not an infection (had many of those and know the difference). My nose is more sensitive too. I know the signs are promising but I don't want to look too much into them and have that dumb AF roll around. If she does then I don't know what to expect!!


Sophia - March 31

Laura- I agree! I am posting on three different ones right now. There are a lot of us waiting for the 4th and 5th to come. We should have our own forum. I'm so anxious I took one of those early hpt and it was neg.prob to early, who knows, only god I guess well **BABY DUST**to everybody ;-)


ME2 - March 31

I am also waiting for the 4th. Having some mild symptoms, cramps, sore b___bs, VERY CRANKY and EMOTIONAL I'm hopefull, but it may turn out to be PMS even though I don't usually have PMS this far in advance. Good luck girls!!!


Jennifer - May 9

Not sure....Any advice? I am currently 4 days late, symptoms of AF, occasional tingling in nipples, a little lower back discomfort and occasional twinges in lower abdomen. Recently switched from combined pills to the mini-pill and may have been a little careless with the pill taking this month. Took a hpt, but negative. Maybe too early.......what do you think? Any advice is appreciated.....***Crosses fingers and toes for a positive result*** :-)



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