Anyone Due For AF Feb 10

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Lindsey - February 9

Hi, just checking to see if anyone was due for AF feb 10...I am, I have been feeling quite nauseus these past few days, but sometimes I think it's just anxiety. I took 3 tests over the weekend, 3 came up pos..although only 1 was under the designated time frame. I called EPT and the woman said it was a def positive. I had a m/c back in Oct so I'm apprehensive. So, this morning I woke up and used first morning urine on another test and it was negative. But, last night I was so incredibly nauseus, and I also have those "bumps" around the nipple....Anyone have suggestions or in the same boat as me? Also, I've been cramping everyday..I have never noticed any cramping b4 I was to get my period. They come and go, but not severe...I just don't want to get my hopes up yet....any words of wisdom???


lisa - February 9

hi...I was due my period on 6th feb. Im late and have never been nefore. 2 htps have shown up negative, but I just FEEL pregnant. I feel in a daze.


hi - February 9

lindsey three positives is a def!!! CONGRATS xx


Lindsey - February 9

To Hi: Are you sure??? I just don't understand why the EPT test I took this morning with "first" morning urine would come out negative...and the 3 on the weekend were positive and also EPT's. The only difference in the 3 that I took on Sat and Sun were the + and - and the other one this morning was just the 1 line not preg, 2 lines preg. I just hope I'm not mistaking nausea for anxiety. Do you have any experience with preg symptoms? Before I eat and after I feel such 'fullness' like I could just stick my finger down my throat! And I'm not one that likes to throw up! Also, do you know anything about the cramps I've been having? usually everyday since the w/e I've been getting them...not severe, just feel different! Let me know!!!!


Lindsey - February 9

Lisa: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us. I feel pregnant too...not to be nosey, but have you noticed any bumps on b___sts around nipple? sorry if that's being tmi! I'm just so confused!


Becky - February 11

Lindsey, I was due on Feb 10, too. AF was a no show! I've only had neg tests though, last one was taken on the 8th. I am going to take another one this morning, the 11th. Did yours show up?


Lindsey - February 11

Becky: Mine was a no show too! I've had cramps like I'm getting AF, but I've had them since last Saturday the 5th. I have been nauseus but I hope it's just not anxiety. I have those bumps around my nips which I never noticed them b4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Everytime I go to the bathroom I keep saying " Please don't be there"! Are you feeling any symptoms? I've had creamy discharge since last week, but I'm too nervous to take a test. I had a dream last night I did and the test didn't give me a result! CRAZY! I've been having a watery mouth too, and that was my first symptom withe my 1st preg. Becky, Keep in touch, I'm hoping for the best! Are you having any symptoms????? Talk to you soon!


Becky - February 11

Lindsey: Am I having any symptoms? TOTALLY! Let's see : Tender, swollen b___sts, Fatigue, Nausea (no vomiting), Increased sensitivity to odors, Food aversions, Frequent urination, missed period, body temperature staying high, headaches, dizziness, twinges, itchy stomach and belly b___ton, lower back pain, change in appet_te (I have NEVER been hungry in the morning until now), heartburn, also have had creamy discharge since last week (which you are not suppose to have right before your period), metallic taste in my mouth, drinking TONS of water... excessive salivation? not sure...what is considered excessive? :-P so, yeah... lots of symptoms... just no positive test yet. I did have some cramps last week, but nothing since then...and I normally have cramps on the first day of AF. LMP was very odd...the first day was lighter than normal (medium instead of heavy) and then was just light/spotting for a few days. I think I'm going to re-test on Monday...maybe I'll get a good Valentines Day present.


Lindsey To Becky - February 11

Wow! I'd say that probably are! That's great! see, are you supposed to get discharge b4 your period? I don't know the answer. BUT lately, my goodness the stuff that's been coming out. I just went to the bathroom and I had a very creamy discharge with a teeny tiny tinge of blood. So, I'm praying to god, it's not coming. I hate this waiting game. I've had symptoms, sore nips, excess saliva, backpain and frequent cramps. Ugh! I know the day i ovulated and hubby and i did take advantage of it! But I just took a hpt this afternoon and it came back neg. When does implantation bleeding usually occur? I would greatly appreciate any advice!


Toni to Lindsey - February 11

I have had similar symptoms - my period was supposed to be here yesterday on 2/10 but it's a no-show. I took two preg. tests and both were negative. I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday for a blood preg. test. so hopefully it's positive. When I was pregnant the first time, two hpt's were negative and they found out I was pregnant when they drew blood. It sounds crazy but I know I ovulated, hubby and I had relations and I just feel pregnant....who knows.


From Becky to Lindsey - February 11

I really hope so... As far as CM goes, I've heard here that you are suppose to be dry before your period... you said you had CM and spotting? That could very well be implantation is common that it happens the day AF is suppose to (though only 25% of women have it).


Lindsey To Becky - February 11

Becky: Well, I had a discharge, and you could see a tiny bit of blood. (tmi) Sorry! But it was about as thin as a hair. I'm very hopeful. I don't recall having spotting with my first preg. But all are different.Keep me posted!! And I will do the same! keeping fingers crossed and praying lots!


From Lindsey To Toni - February 11

I'm so glad I'm not the only one going through this! I took a test today and it came up negative. But I'm not going to get discouraged! I hope that your blood test will show a definite positive. Are you having symptoms of any kind? Spotting, etc??? Keep me posted! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us and praying lots too!!!!! I'll keep you posted as well!


From Becky to Lindsey - February 11

No worries about TMI :-P I took a test this morning too, and got a neg. But I am still hopeful. I am going to take another one on Monday, and probably schedule a Dr.'s appointment for Monday the 21st (I don't have to work that day). I have somewhat of the same thing, my CM is just a tiny tiny tiny tinge of brown/red in much so that I only see it because of the contrast with the pad. I am NOT having any pre-menstral cramps though, which makes me happy. I am feeling a bit achy there, but is completely different than normal for AF. Baby dust to you, Lindsey! I'll keep you posted.


From Lindsey To Becky: - February 11

I'm so glad I have people like you to talk to. It sure makes for a better day. I am trying not to focus on it though, cuz I know that will just make my period even more late. But, just this afternoon I was thinking about my 1st preg and did recall taking several tests and I remember being with my mom at the hospital for bloodwork cuz I was so sick and the family doc didn't know what was wrong. I took a test came up neg w/i one minute and I tossed it in the garbage. My mom, god love her, pulled it outta the garbage and sure enough it was positive! So, It did take several weeks of neg tests for that one positive, and it did end up showing on the blood work! Just thought I'd share that experience. Does anyone else have the 'runs' after they eat? I never have that b4 af either..but lately this week everything I eat, comes right out! Anyways, Becky, keep in touch!


Callie - February 11

I'm so interested in this too. I am supposed to get mine over the weekend but lately I've had really odd symptoms. Usually I don't have pre-menstrual symptoms but this week it has been really bad. I get so tired I have to pa__s out on the couch, this morning I woke up with a metalic taste in my mouth (I had no clue that was a symptom until I read this) I've never had that taste in my mouth ever. My nipples are so tender and sensative and I'm embarra__sed to say this but they have been hard all week, this never happens. Plus, I lately have had an obsession with pickels, get sick when I think of meat and have huge cravings. My b___sts feel kind of swollown (that is ususlly pre-menst. though). I'm so confused/hopeful but also scared out of my mind! I was goign to take a test but thought I would wait until I missed an official day.


Becky to Lindsey - February 11

I've been having weird bowls, but not really the runs (though I did at the begining of last month, and that would have been right after I could have gotten prego too...but no pos test). I wish I could talk to my mom about it, but she doesn't even know that he and I have slept together. I'm not young or anything (24), but I'm still living at home and it would just be a HUGE headache (very religious family). I REALLY want this baby though... *sigh* maybe I'll tell them when I move out (which will hopefully be soon if I AM pregnant). I really want to be able to share this with my mom, I just don't know how she will take it.



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