Anyone Due For AF March 2

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Lisa - February 23

We have been ttc for 7 months. Yet again I find my self playing the waiting game. Would be great to share signs and symptoms. I am 5 DPO, have tender br___ts and have been slightly more tired than usual, but not sure if that's simply because I have been busy with work. This is the first month in 5 that I haven't charted my temps but used an OPK . I feel so out of the loop... I wish I had taken my temps all month, it just wasn't possible.


Beth - February 23

I'm due for AF on 4/3. We've been ttc for 8 month and I'm starting to get worried it will never happen. I hope this month is different than the past, but I'm not too optimistic. This month was different than before in that I have ovulation spotting for the first time. I then had some fluid on and off over the next couple days. I'm hoping that's a good sign, but if not, I'm thinking something is wrong. Again, a long 2 weeks of waiting! Good luck to you... I charted my temp for months and then gave it up as it didn't seem to be working. Now, I just watch my fluids. To bad there isn't a magic formula!


Rachelle - February 24

Im due on 3rd march. My nipples are feeling sore to touch! We can all wait together. Those preg tests are so stressful...think i will just wait and see this time. Like they did years ago, if they missed 2 periods then they knew.


ebony - February 24

Hi Girls, I am due on the 1st March so am glad I found you! I have had nausea for the last 3 days, not just in the mornings but all day but have not been sick all?! I hate waiting!x


Lisa - February 24

Hi Ladies: Thank you for responding! I have been trying to figure out how I feel... I always thought that there would be this magical feeling that would come over me that would let me know that I'm pregnant just like the notion that I would conceive the very first month of trying....not at 6 DPO and I find myself looking back at my notes from previous months to compare. I don't feel any different or have any other symptoms other than slightly sore brests... I have determined it's too early in the game to give up. AF isn't due for another 7 days! This month (as with every month) she is not welcome in our circle!


tiffani - February 24

Hello everyone, I'm due March 4th. Having some encouraging signs, (mild af like cramps, low/dull back ache, heartburn at night, and what I believe to be Mont. Tub. on b___sts)but i'm quite the pessimist when it comes to myself, so i'm not putting all my emotional eggs in one basket. Anyone else having symptoms? Beth~ What was your ovulation spotting like? I thought I was having the same thing, but it ended up being 2 days of spotting, followed by 3 days of light bleeding. This was happening when I expected to ovulate. My cycle is so screwed up. How frustrating! Lisa, I conceived- first try- with my son using an OPK, so it's definitely a useful tool. :o)


Lisa - February 24

Thanks Tiffany! I so hope so.. at least I know that there was a LH surge!


isitababy - February 24

This is only our first month of trying and I have this little b___terfly achey sensation I'm wondering if anyone else felt this and then discovered they were pregnant. I hope it's not all in my mind and because I think I missed my ovulation time but my af was strange 2 days red 4 days brown. I can only hope. I did take a test today but the answer was neg. Still holding on to the thought that it is still too early.


Tanja - February 25

We have been ttc for 2yr. Had HSG on 9th. Had cramping on 14th. Had nausea , heart burn and cramping off and on. I am due for period March 2nd. I am feverish,chilly,crampy,tired,achy,thirsty. Did HPT yesterday--- neg. Will test on Tuesday. The waiting game drives me crazy..


Holls - February 25

I am due on the 2nd. I think we might have conceived sunday the 13th. The following sunday my b___sts hurt so bad.. i thought they were bruised. Then the following wednesday (2) days again i starting feeling like i was going to get my period. Like you have to check in the bathroom. Last night for the first time i had heartburn. I don't I want to know if they cramps and feeling is right. It is to soon for me to have that feeling.


Lisa - February 25

Holls: I think we have exactly the same cycle... I believe I had ovulated some time between the 12th and 13th. The difference between us is that I think you are feeling many more symptoms than I am. After looking at all my notes from previous months, I think the only difference this month is that I don't feel any symptoms. I don't feel different I just feel normal like every other day out of the month... no cramps, no PMS type symptoms (other than slightly sore b___sts). I guess no news is good news...Baby dust to all!


Lisa - February 27

Hi Ladies: It's been a few day's ... wondering how everyone is doing? Any new sypmtoms? I wish I had a few to share... nothing new yet at this end.


Beth - February 28

Hello. I've been out of town. spotting was noticed on what I think was my ovulation day/time around 11pm at night. When I wiped, there was blood mixed in with the fluid...nothing on my panties. I then went to bed, got up, didn't notice anything and then around 9am, I noticed more pink in my fluid. After that, nothing. No idea what any of it means. Lisa...nothing to report from me. I'm guessing it's another negative month as I have no new symptoms and the symptoms I have now are the same I've had before and always gotten AF. I'll let you know later this week. Good luck to everyone this week!


Julie - February 28

I miscarried on Feb 5. Ovulated on 13 of Feb. I feel crampy, low back ache, nausea, tired, and my temper is quick. I tried for a year only to lose it at 6 weeks. Supposed to start on the 4th. Good luck to us all.


rachelle - March 1

How are you all going? Im due around 3rd march. Have sore nipples that come and go, a couple of pimples (that i never get)and a bit vague in the head. R these symptoms?? Good luck to all


Lisa - March 1

Feeling a bit crampy with no signs of AF. Just read on another post that cramping around AF could be implantation cramping... have my fingers crossed! Let's just say that AF is definately not welcome! Baby Dust to All! BFP's are to be granted to each and every one of us, because we deserve it! Cheers to all that wanna be mom's!


Cara - March 2

I'm due for af tomorrow, 3/3. I've had cramping and some nausea for the past week. I just had a little brownish discharge, not sure if it's af or not. I hope not!!!! TTC for 2 months - can't stand the waiting game!



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