Anyone Due For AF March 7th

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Lauren - February 26

Hi all, I'm due for my AF on March 7th and very much hoping my least favourite aunt skips her visit this month! Just wondered if anyone else was due around the same time? Maybe we can wait it out together. Baby dust to you all x


mimi - February 26

hey Lauren, I'm due around march 13th... but I don't know when I should test cause I had two days of light af on the 15th of this feb soo I don't know if I have to wait until the next one or If I should be able to tell by now


Becky - February 26

If I'm not pregnant, I'd be due the 7th. I am currently waiting on a blood test result from my dr (suppose to be in on monday), so I should know before the 7th. I've had like every symptom (though my last two afs were not gone, just short 1-2 day lighter flows). I'd be happy to wait it out with you though, either way my results come back (we are still trying, so even if the test is negative, it could be that it was just to early from this months attempts, in which case I'd be watching the 7th too).


Shannon - February 26

Hi, I'm due somewhere around that weekend...anywhere from the 5th to the 7th. My Period has been wierd for the past few months. I use to be able to know what date and what time of the day AF would visit but now she likes to show up whenever she feels like it! Very annoying! Anyways, I have no symptoms as yet... how about you ladies?


mary - February 26

im due around that time too so good luck to you ;)


Lauren - February 26

Hey Mimi, Becky, Shannon and Mary. How are you all? Mimi, I think they say the best time to test is one week after a missed AF, but if you think you conceived before your last "period" you should be able to tell by now. Becky, good luck with your test results! I hope you get the BFP that you're hoping for. Let us know how it goes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Shannon, ugh AF is annoying whenever she shows, on time or otherwise! Any idea why your cycle has gone out of sync? I may have conceived last cycle, due to a short/light AF last month, not 100% sure, but I do have some symptoms; sore b___bs, veins, those little white pimples, cm, bloated, to name a few, but I'm trying not to think too much into them bc you can drive yourself nuts! Waiting until after the 7th to test though. Anyone else having any signs yet? Thank you Mary! Best of luck to you too and everyone else! Keep me updated on how things are going for you all x


K - February 27

I am due for AF somewhere between Mar 11-14.... good luck to all!


Mallory - February 27

I am expecting my period on the 5th if that is any help to you. I hope it stays clear for about 9 months or so though. Let me know what symptoms you have if any and keep my posted. Good luck!


Jen - February 28

I am waiting for March 8th. I only have a couple of symptoms: sore nipples (my husband says they're a little darker color), achy abdomen, increased urination. Last month my period was about 2 and half days (implantation bleeding- I don't know). Normally it is more like 5 or 6. It was my last period on the pill, but I messed up taking them a couple of times that month. We weren't planning for this yet. We were going to wait another year. What symptoms do you have?


sarah - February 28

to ya'll =-) i am due on the 7th too, hoping everyone the the moment the only sypmtoms that i have are dizzyness, headaches, b___bs hurt, and lower back pain...I just hope that it isn't all in my head =-)


Shannon - February 28

Hi everyone, so in the past few days I've noticed that my b___bs are quite sore and tender and around the nipples it's dry?!! I don't know why but its like the skin is peeling... has this happened to anyone before? Besides for tender b___bs I get a few slight cramps on my right side... nothing too strong though. I don't know about all of you but I hate getting my hopes up every month. I really thought that last month was the month ( my period was late and I had what I a__sumed was IB) but it wasn't... Actually I wondered if maybe I had a misarriage because when AF did come it was the worse one I ever had. Who knows! Anyways good luck to everyone! Isn't this forum great!!


kaz - February 28

I think when you are ttc your cycles can be different to normal - I was convinced I was pg in Jan but then had a really heavy AF and it was 2 days early (a rarity) which I guess could have been an early m/c. My AF is due around 03/10 - hoping activity on day 13 was successful!


Tasha - March 1

I'm due on the 9th. How is everyone feeling? Any signs yet girls? Isn't this waiting around hellish! Good luck and baby dust to you all xxx


sarahf - March 1

i got a slight 2nd line =-) hopefully it wasn't my imagination, i am gonna wait a few days and take it agian since my af day is not till this weekend =-)



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