Anyone Due For Af Oct 1

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Terri - September 18

Is anyone due for af around October 1 and want to wait with me?? Hoping for a BFP this time!!


molly - September 18

Hi Terri, I am due for AF on 9/30. I would love to wait with you. I think I ovulated on Friday and bd'ed twice on Friday. I really hope it worked. I had horrible lower cramps yesterday which was very strange. I hope I wasn't a day off. How long have you been TTC?


ellie - September 18

hi um due for af on oct 1 i think i ovulated around 15th sept and for 2 days now i have been getting cramps. and also a pain now and then from my belly b___ton to lower figers crossed we ll get our bfp´s this month.


Leia - September 18

Hi ladies I am due for AF oct. 5 but you are the closest to my date...we are trying these next few days..due to ovu..on the 21st ish...well see best of luck to you.


inlimbo - September 18

Hello, I am due for af oct 1st or 2nd. I would love to wait with you all. I have been feeling really weird this month during O. I got cramps, had nausea and my b___bs were sore. Everything has been subsiding now. I have been ttc for 3 months now. Hopefully this is our month ladies.


Terri - September 18

Welcome all of you! And good luck!! My hubby and i have been ttc for about 2 years (with a break in between). We both really feel that this is the month for us! I am pretty sure i o'd yesterday, though today i have had sharp pains on my lower left side. We will see what happens! how long have all of you been ttc? Baby Dust!!!


lil - September 19

hi terri , every one, im due for aF 7Oct i avulate on 23 , i heard is not good to do it every day so going for everyother day is sad cus hubby has to go on 22 away for work so all i can do is hope and pray! good luck to all of us this month . ps ; is my first month ttc


lil - September 19

by the way is it right that if you have s_x only around O you will have only 5% chance ?


inlimbo - September 19

Hello all. Well today I have a heavy feeling in my pelvis. Don't know what that means. I feel like dh and I really hit on the head this month but I still can't figure out why I was feeling so nauseous. Has anyone else experienced nausea and sore b___bs around o time? Today it looks like I am retaining alot of water I have bloat lines all over my arms from sleeping. When a girlfriend of mine found out she was pregnant she had the same happen to her. I just want to get some feedback on how all you ladies are feeling during this mad two week wait.


inlimbo - September 19

to lil. I thought that if you bd when you were o that it would be a much higher % to get pregnant. Did you read that somewhere?


Jen - September 19

I read somewhere that some people say that if you have s_x everyother day around ovulation that you have a good chance of concieving. So I would think that the % would be higher. But having s_x everyday doesn't hurt either!! This is because the sperm live inside you for a few days-so you could technically have s_x three days prior to O and still get pregnant!! See what I mean??


inlimbo - September 19

to Jen. Thank you for that info. I agree with you. I have read that online somewhere as well. Hopefully we all timed it right and we will all get our bfp's this month.


Jennifer - September 20

Can i join your group? I am due for AF on October 7th,Im also hoping for a BFP, as this is my fourth month trying. Good luck to you all.


inlimbo - September 20

Hi Jennifer Welcome! Did you have any weird O symptoms like I did? The sore bbs and nausea. I still have sore bbs. I really feel like this is the month! I always dread the wait for I am very impatient.


Amanda - September 20

Hi ladies! My af is due sept 30th. I am having headaches and I am really tired. My nipples are getting little bumps on them that haven't ever been there before now and are a little sensitive.


inlimbo - September 20

Amanda Welcome! How long have you been ttc? I hate this waiting game. I am starting to get little bumps on my nipples as well, they are spread out but noticable. Did you have any nausea or bloating this time during O?


Terri - September 20

I had sore bbs during o and now 3 dpo they are even more sore! Does anyone know what cm is supposed to be like after o? Mine is like watery lotion (sorry if tmi!)



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