Anyone Due For Af On 14 Feb

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MULGAJILL - February 5

i like this site, it has a great messageboard, and though i have been pregnant before, never really noticed the signs much ... this time i am a bit keener (read getting OLDER, like nearly at use by date) so i am hoping i am lucky this time... starting countdown today, think i am, have teenage skin, that creamy mucous....and bit nauseousy.... i am keeping fingers crossed.... :-)


At - February 5

I will keep my fingers crossed for you too!


lalya - February 5

mee too! i have broken out in spots on my back! ive never had spots on my back! i have a 6 year old son already and i cant remember the symtoms that i had. i have creamy white discharge and i am due on the 11th feb. Fingers crossed for you and me! My b___bs have only just started hurting my nipples mainly. Have been ttc for 6 months!


MULGAJILL - February 6

Hi Lalya.....Well, not long to wait for the big testing day, though i only tested in the past when i was a week overdue and got very faint line... but will try with the EARLY test this time... and my b___bs are not hurting, but that may have something to do with their size (or lack of it i think!)... and at least your spots are on your back... easy to cover that bit... wishing you the big positive in the next week! I've been REALLY tired too... could sleep all day if i had a chance...


La Rae - February 6

I'm due on the 17th/18th of this month. I ovulated yesterday, and me and my partner were 'busy'. I know it's TOO EARLY for me, but I have noticed that I have the creamy white discharge, and yesterday my cervix was high, soft and open. Today it is high, soft, and closed 'Real Tight'. I hope that's a good sign.....(oh, and I do feel slight 'cramps' in lower ab region, mostly on the left - but I think I'm way too early for that, isn't it?).


Madelyn - February 7

I too am supposed to start on the 14th/15th. I have never been pregnant before either but am experiencing different things...cramps in lower right abdomen for about 3 days after ovulation but now have subsided, occasional upset stomach, diarrhea, and today a creamy mucous, no sore b___sts however. I just don't know but likewise am hoping for the best. By the way, what is the deal with the mucous? Is this a symptom or prenancy?


MULGAJILL - February 7

Well, i am hopefull, cooked stir fry last night and either my cooking has reached the depths of revoltingness or it is just a bit of nausea kicking in... anyway the dog enjoyed the feed.... will buy an Early hpt in the next couple of days and see what the result is... yeah, i know they are unreliable.... still, someone has to keep these companies in business, my b___bs are not hurting but feel a bit hot .... teenage skin is subsiding, cm is still creamy. My man is having a rest from all his exertions (it was getting to the point where he had that "no, not again" look on his face). Good luck to ya all! :-)


Laurissa - February 8

I am due AF feb 14. I ttc only on the 29th and 2nd. My b___sts have been sore and it feels like my skin hurts. I have cramps and am a little ga__sy. Anyone else due test yet?


amy - February 8

Hi everyone! I'm due for AF on the 13th. I also have the teenage skin and break outs on my back, and the creamy mucous. Over the weekend i was running around with my 2yr old son at a birth day party and i starting getting these groin pains that hurt when i walked, and the next morning i had mentral like cramps for about an hour. I also found myself craving pancakes which I also did while pregnant with my son. I'm crossing my fingers. I want to be pregnant so bad. We've been trying for 9 months now. And its been a year since i've stopped the pill. Good luck to everyone!


Laurissa - February 8

amy-when dates did you ttc?


lalya - February 8

mulgajill- i did an early responce preg test today 2 days before im due on and it was neg. Im really upset altho im still getting cramping! Let us kno how u get on good luck! I am going to give it another week and if i havent come on then will re test ( i can hope) hee hee


MULGAJILL - February 8

amy, i had some cramps on saturday too. And layla, i did the Ultra early pt this morning (we have early response too but it is not THAT early). it is 8am Wed, we are a day ahead in australia and YES got a very faint line.... i have tested with other pregnancies in the past (other brands hpt) and had to wait til a weeek late and only got faint line.... so i think Grandpa Viv's advice to wait a week is sound. However, I wanted to know early because I am 43 and time running out.... now i will shop for some HEALTHY foods etc and keep on with the folic acid... will test again in a few days as it is so early it may not hold.... will let you know.... if all is good then i only have the miscarriage thing to worry about. (only?) The teenage skin is almost all gone except for a nasty spot on my nose. keep posting gals.... and good luck.... :-)


lalya - February 9

mulgajill-that is great news! im so happy for you.this morning i wiped myself and i had brown discharge. it was like brown spots. i havent had anything all day tho. i feel bloated and have back ache but this co;d be my period i guess. could it also be implantation bleeeding????


amy - February 9

I'm still crossing my fingers, no signs of a period coming on. But now my fingers around my rings are turning black. This has never happened before. Has anyone else experienced this while they were pregnant? Could it be a sign?


TD - February 9

I am due for a menstrual period tomorrow on 2/10. No signs of a period yet - i've been tired, flushed, dizzy and urinating kinda of frequently. I had some of the same symptoms with my first child but I'm so obsessed with becoming pregnant this time b/c I'm three years older that I'm afraid to hope. If I don't get my period by Valentine's Day - I'm doing a home test and hopefully it's positive. If not, we'll keep trying....


mulgajill - February 9

layla... sounds like af.... when i was young the saying was "The only thing worse than getting your period is not getting it."...... funny how that changes when you WANT to get pregnant! first time i got prg it took 5 mths when i was 34, the last time in oct 04,(had m/c) , it took one weekend, will test again soon and see if it is still happening.... and Amy... the black from the rings could be a change in your skins acidity? mmmmm... someone else may know..... cheers and good luck ... i like this site, it is good to share hopes/disappointments with Someone.... cant do it with friends/family cos they all think i am crazy wanting a baby anyway! Go girls and baby dust to ya all...


Susie - February 9

I am due around the 13th. I know how you feel. I have teenage skin, headaches, cramps, and sore b___sts. I keep thinking i've syked myself out and i'm dreaming this all up. I am dying to see a positive result on preg. test.I don't have the creamy mucus.



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