Anyone Due For AF On 5 24 5 27 And Has Anyone Gotten It Yet

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~*Annie*~ - May 26

My AF is due 5/24-5/26 and I have yet to get my dear AF. I am feeling kind of like I will be starting soon but it feels different this time. Anyone feel like this???


jue - May 26

Hi Annie. my af was due 5/22 to 5/26 and no sign, have done a hpt but came back neg, b/c some women don't show a positive on a hpt untill 5 to 6 weeks pg it is best to leave off doing a hpt for at least 7 days past when af is due which is what I am going to do even though I am having some unusual smptoms for me like headaches in the evening, feeling queezy before and after eating, more saliva than normal, lower back ache, cm is wetter and is a mixture of lotion and lumpy mucus, the odd mild cramp in abdomen from under belly b___ton down, coffee tast funny, hungry but not,mood swings, bursting into tears for no reason and taking everthing the wrong way, my cervix is soft and if that lot isn't enough I also feel pg and mad. lol


Steph - May 26

I was supposed to have gotton af 5/23-5/24 and she still has made herself scarce. I have felt nausious a couple of times, I had heartburn on Sat., I have a lot of wet sometimes clear sometimes lotiony CM and a few twinges of light crampiness where my ovaries are.


~*Annie*~ - May 26

I had heartburn really bad these past two days and I get really sick to my stomach after I eat lunch. I still feel nauseous and I should have started my AF already but she has not come yet. And also, I have not really had any CM these past few days either but I know everyone is different, too. ~*~*~*Baby Dust to us ALL!*~*~*~


hc - May 26

hello, my af was due 5/23-5/25, so far nothing. i cramped alittle yesterday, and woke up with bad cramps today, but no af so far. my b___st are larger than usual with really sensitive nipples. I am usually a chicken and fish woman, but on saturday had a strong craving for baby back ribs! haven't had those for about 8 years, but it was delicious! lots of cm with chopped egg like stuff (sorry if tmi!!) 6 days before af due. still wet. i tested 5/23 but neg. will test again this weekend if no af. ~*~*~*~*~*~* to all. when will the rest of you test??


hc - May 26

well believe it or not, but went to the restroom just after my last post, and guess what, af showed her ugly face.... ::::~( .....oh well, the best of luck to the rest of you!


~*Annie*~ - May 26

HC sorry to hear that AF showed her ugly head. Hopefully I won't have AF show up surprising me but I have a feeling it just might. Cross your fingers for me!


hc - May 26

hi Annie, i will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you and everybody else here! good luck!! let us know here what happens with you! when will you test?


~*Annie*~ - May 26

I will wait to test tomorrow morning if AF doesn't show up soon. And I'll definitely let you know if it is a BFN or a BFP!


karen - May 26

I'm in the same boat as all of you! AF has been due any day, but it's not here. I keep cramping like I'm going to start, but there's nothing there. I did have a few brown spots this moring, but that's it. I had a BFN this morning also. I don't get it!


~*Annie*~ - May 26

The wierd thing is I don't have the SEVERE cramps I normally get before I start my AF this time and its odd b/c normally I'd have to already be taking my Midol to help the pain. As of right now, I have had slight cramps and that is it. I haven't spotted or anything yet either. I wonder what is going on with my body?


holly - May 26

Anyone really hungry. Like unusually hungry. I had cramping for 1 week then it went away and now nothing but being hungry. My af should come somewhere between the 26th and June 2 so I never know when to expect it I just keep taking tests. (negative of course)


~*Annie*~ - May 26

I had taken a test I bought from Dollar Tree and it came back BFN. But I also heard that sometimes it won't come up positive until you are in your 5th-6th week of pregnancy. Let me know if anyone has tested yet!


shayn - May 26

hey ladies Wow Totally in the same boat as you Due for Af today Very sore bbs Some cramping but no signs of icky pre period stuff (tmi) I felt really wierd today Had a bit of nausea on and off today and some heartburn which I have had like once in my life So I will be a taking a dollar tree test tomorrow We'll see Baby dust to all:)


jue - May 27

Hi girls, well still no af and I am now officially 3 days late with no signs of my normal af signs, still have the headache, back pain,slight queezy feeling, my cm is wet and lotiony but a little thicker than is normal for this part of my cycle,very tired still and mild cramping in stomache. any one else like this oh yes I forgot to mention the mood swings (snapping one moment and crying my heart out the next), I am waiting to test with a stip on sat and again on monday and if i still have a neg then I will test at the end of next week about 3rd or 4th of june so fingers crossed, so ladies any one else with the same symptoms. let us know if you have had a BFP yet, good luck and baby dust. :-)))))))))


karen - May 27

AF is here. :( Let's hope I'm the only one!


~*Annie*~ - May 27

It's the 27th and I still have no signs of AF showing up and I don't even have cramps. The symptoms I still have is heartburn which which I never had until I was pregnant with my son 2 yrs ago. I am still feel fatigue, and I'm still sick to my stomach every now and then. Karen, sorry to hear AF showed her ugly head! Better luck next time! =)



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