Anyone Due For Af On St Patty S Day

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Lindsey - March 14

Hello ladies, just checking to see if I had a waiting buddy!!! I'm due for af on St. Patrick's Day. Yeah! Hopefully she'll be a no show. I just started charting my temps so I'm hoping they stay the way they are! Hope to hear from you!


amy - March 14

Hi Lindsey...I am waiting for af on St. Patty's day! I hope we both will have good news to share by the weekend!


Lil - March 14

Hi Lindsey and amy... I'm waiting for AF 3/17 as well... let's keep eachother posted... I so hope I am!!! Maybe it's a good sign and it'll be a LUCKY day for us all!!!! Baby dust!!!!


Lindsey - March 15

To Amy and Lil: Yah!! I have waiting buddies! Do you have any symptoms? I really don't. But, with my last I didn't have symptoms until about 5 weeks. But, Hopefully we'll get some luck o' the irish!!!! Keep me posted!!!!!!


<Amy> - March 15

Lol are you all from the US? its quite sweet to hear it called that. I live in london (and also half irish) and everyone in the UK including ireland call it St. Paddy's day. It's are short version of patrick and we also nickname irish people paddy's (don't worry it isn't racist they refer to themselves as paddy's). Just wondered as never heard anyone say St. Patty's day. :) xxx ~Baby Dust to yo all!~


Lindsey To Amy - March 15

Amy, I guess here in the US, we use the paTTy for Patrick. Never heard of the paDDy! Maybe it's just the pronunciation of the t and d that is different! That's quite funny. Now I'm blushing! Is St. Pat's day a big festival in London, or just another day? I was just curious. We have alot of irish in our area. Anyways, any prego symptoms yet? or af symptoms??? I just started charting my bbt and my cm on monday. I also never tracked my af's b4. but I started in January, and they seem to be anywhere for 30-40 days per cycle! Hopefully it will be much later. My temps increased a bit. So, we'll see. Amy and Lil - keep me posted! Talk to you soon!!!


<Amy> - March 15

Don't think it's pronounciation just a nickname. St. Patrciks day is HUGE in london most of the pub are irish pubs. We wear st. paddy's day hats, drink green beer, eat green food (mainly cakes), people have face paints where green clothes, sing irish songs. There's also lots of irish dancers and live bands aswell. It's a really big thing in the pub and EVERYONE gets p__sed (sorry drunk), its like an excuse to get drunk here lol. It's just about like being in ireland. But not quite as good. I'm half irish so celebrate it myself, this wil be my first sober year hehe.


<Amy> - March 15

oh sorry forgot to mention, I'm not totally sure have to wait for scan but think i'm around 8 weeks pregnant. Good luck ~Baby dust~


to lindsey and lil - March 15

Hi Girls! I was the original "Amy" that responded on March 14th! I live in the US..sorry, I think you thought the st.paddy's <Amy> was me! Anyway, I am so anxious to find out if I am pregnant or not! I just had a m/c last month (very early) and am wanting to get pregnant again right away!!! I actually feel pregnant again..but don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me. It's so frustrating. I have sore nipples w/ blue veins, light cramps and had a metalish taste in my mouth one time..other than that I feel fine. I sure do hope and pray that it will be a "lucky" day for all of us! Please keep posting. It's great to have waiting buddies! Baby Dust*******


Lil - March 16

Amy and Lindsey...hi girls, So funny yes I am from US as well and I've heard of the "paddy's" reference. Lots of irish friends!! But sorry to say my LUCK has already run out... AF today. 2 d__n days early!! Cycle must be changing... great!:( So dissapointed! DH went out to get OPK today, I was charting but I'll try this too! We do have a lot going on (building a home) and I'm out of work so that could have something to do but with it but still remain positive. Have to keep a good environment for baby right!! Well I wish you all the very best. Keep me posted on [email protected] should your luck be better than mine. If not, and I do hope you both are, let's keep eachother company next month since we seem to have similar cycles. Good luck and Happy St. Paddy's to ya!! LOL


Lindsey To Lil - March 16

Lil, So sorry to hear you got af. What a bummer! But as you said a good environment for the baby!!! I thought about getting an opk. You'll have to let me know how they work. I highly doubt I'm preggers. I just started charting my temps on Monday. But for 3 days in the a.m. they were 97.5, 97.6, and today 97.7, but I think they need to be higher than that to be pregnant. They say temps will climb b4 af. So, we'll see. I guess dh and I just need to bd all month long. Never tried it b4 but it'll be fun trying. We have irish friends that own a bar, and does it get wild on St. Pat's day! Green beer, green food, etc! They know how to party! Well, Lil keep your chin up. only 2 more weeks or so for your o day! Good luck and keep me posted! Maybe I'll email you and we can keep in touch if that's ok with you?? let me know!


To Lindsey - March 16

Thanks for your support. I would definitely like to keep in touch. Especially since I can let you know if the OPK works. It was a little pricey will be certainly worth it if I conceive. DH said "it's a small price to pay to have a baby". I hope it won't even be necessary for you to try an OPK. I'll say a little prayer for you Lindsey. Please do keep in touch. Baby dust!!


Lindsey To Lil - March 17

Here's my email address. all lowercase of couse. [email protected] I think my luck has run out too Lil. My temps have dipped today and I got my usual af pimple! yuck! Still haven't gotten flo though. But, I'm sure she's on her way. Definitely email me!!! Please keep in touch! talk to you soon.


<Amy> - March 17

Just thought i'd pop in to say Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!! ~Baby Dust~ to you all xXx


Lindsey to Amy - March 17

hey girl, did you get af? I haven't yet, but when i wiped today there was a slight tinge of brown along with cm. I think it's coming though, cuz I got my af zit! Hey keep us posted. Happy St. Paddy's day!!! Have fun!


amy - March 17

Hi Lindsey! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! Hope you are out celebrating w/ green beer (unless your af didn't come of coarse!) As for me, the jury is still out. No AF Yet! I hope she stays away!!! I am going to take a HPT tomorrow morning. I am just worried that if I take it too soon that I will be sooooo disappointed! My girlfriends can't believe that I am not taking one today! Last time I was pregnant I took a test the day after my missed period and was - but then + at the MD's later that day( I had an appointment for impending surgery when I found out)...Anyway, hope your af stays away too..then we can be pregnant buddies instead of waiting buddies!!! Baby dust to you! Keep in touch. I will post when I found out!


amy - March 19

BFN!!!!!!!!!!! oh, well..maybe next time. Keep in touch!



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