Anyone Due For Af On The 28th

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cm - January 10

Is anyone out there due for af around the 28th?


liz - January 10

I am due for af on the 27th. Do you want to play the waiting game with me?


Jennifer - January 10

Hi gals. AF is due for me on the 26th. We still in the midst of ttc, as I should ovulate on the 12th. This is our second month trying, and I'm really hoping this will be it for us! I can't believe how much science actually goes into this... Last month, we didn't do too much actual planning, but then when AF showed up at the end of the month, the disapointment was horrible! Therefore, I've been keeping very close track of my cycle this month, and hopefully things will turn up pg! How about all of you? How long have you been ttc? Hopefully we can wait this next 2 weeks out together :)


cm - January 10

I have been ttc for about 5 months now with no luck at all. My husband is in the army and he will be deploying to Iraq in a couple weeks and we were hoping to be pg before he left. This is getting discouraging. I am due to ovulate any time now so maybe this month. Let's all pray for eachother. I hope this is our month.


Susan - January 10

I am due on the 25th. This is our sixth month ttc and hopefully our last! fingers crossed for everyone!!


Jennifer - January 11

You girls have certainly been trying for longer than we have... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I had some dull pains in my right ovaries yesterday, so I wonder if I may have ovulated early (I was originally thinking I would ovulate tomorrow). I don't want to spend money on the ovulation predictor kits yet - we'll just ttc again tonight, incase I do actually ovulate tomorrow... Somehow I don't feel like this will be our month though. I suppose we'll all just have to wait it out & see!! Best of luck to everyone!


cm - January 11

I have just taken an ovulation test and it is positive so I will ovulate in 24 to 48 hours. I am keeping my fingers crossed for everyone. xxxx


laura - January 12

I am due for af on the 26th. In the midst of ttc right now. Good Luck to everyone. Keep me posted.


jb - January 12

i am due for AF on the 22nd. hope i dont see her !!!!!


Anon - January 12

I am due on the 22nd as well. Unfortunately, I WANT my af . But the chances of me being pg are just too great. Just got out of a bad relationship.....


Susan - January 12

I was just curious how old some of the ladies are on the board. Sometimes it seems like there are a lot of teens or really young woman. I myself am 33 and so I'm right around the age when TTC becomes a little nervewracking.


cm - January 13

I am 22 years old. Wanting my first child.


Melissa - January 13

Susan, I'm due on the 25th. Hoping I don't get it. I'm 30 years old & have been ttc since October.What are some symptoms that everyone here is experiencing?


cm - January 13

I am not having any real symptoms right now. Yesterday I had ovulation pain, but that is it. I don't think any pg signs will show up this soon. Everyone keep me posted on what happens!!! BABY DUST!*!*!*


Mim - January 13

I am due on the 26th. Been active since our marriage in December! Last 3 days I've had abdominal dicomfort, a bit like period pains only I don't normally ache this early and for this length of time. Could it be I'm pregnant?


cm - January 13

mim, it could be that your pregnant but I would be willing to bet that it is ovulation. This is you time for you to ovulate so it is probably the pain from the egg releasing. Hope this helps!!


sam - January 16

I am due on the 30th. Anyone have any signs yet?



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