Anyone Due For Af Tomorrow April 22 And Feel Pregnant

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Angela - April 21

Is anyone out there due for af tomorrow? I am but I still don't have the af symptoms. Looking for waiting buddies if anyone is interested.


Angela - April 21



Angela - April 21

I feel off also. For some reason this doesn't feel like af is coming. My cramps are really light and they are normally really bad. My b___bs are tender and I still have cm. No spotting though. Are you going to test at home before Monday?


Chris - April 22

i dont know for sure either my period is late or its due any day now. For about a week i have been having awful dreams about things happing to me and my children. Im not sure if its the nightmares waking me up and then i have to go potty or its the potty waking me up so much at night. I have been feeling a little nauseated but thats been happing with my periods latelly anyways Today i through my homemade fruit juice away because i thought it tasted bad but my husband said it was fine then the same happened with a snack and dinner ect. I have an awful awful aftertaste in the back of my mouth even after brushing my teeth and rinsing with water. i'm taking a HPT in the morning i dont know what to hope for we want another child really bad but we were planning to "try" in June. all of our family and extened family birthday and anniverserys land around the holiday season we were hoping to stager things a bit. My biggest concer is the after taste, does it sound familiar to anyone, if so how long does it last?


Jen - April 22

I am supposed to get mine today and it isn't here yet. I was not trying to get pregnant so I have really mixed emotions about it. Part of me really wants another baby and the other part wants to wait a little longer. It would be due around Christmas too! We all ready have one that has a B'day on Dec 23. Christmas and 2 birthday parties. Auugghh! I would be really happy anyway though.


Jamie - April 22

I am waiting also. AF due today, I started having some very sharp pain in my lower stomach (inbetween my pevic bone almost), that was on Tues/Wed, the Thursday I had brown spotting (when I wiped) and still a little today. Usually AF comes full force for me, so this is strange, and that it's brownish, does anyone know if you can have ib around when af should come? My bb's are sore and huge too, and I'm really tired. (with my first born, I knew I was pregnant at three weeks, early test should like 6 dpo, so far all tests are bfn, haven't tested since Wed, waiting for Mon)


chris - April 22

i took a hpt this morning it showed positive as soon as i peed yeah.


Jen - April 22



Angela - April 22

Congratulations. I took a hpt this morning and it was bfn, i am asking my ob/gyn today if they can do a blood test.


Davida - April 22

I had a metal taste in my mouth from just before I tested till a few weeks after that. It drove me crazy but it has gone away!


shan - April 22

I still haven't got AF so I think I might do test tomorrow morning. I don't think I can wait until Monday to do the blood test. I am too anxious. I had more brown spotting when I wiped last night and today but now nothing. Still have sore bbs and tightness in abdomen. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I want this so badly since ttc for almost two years. Chris, congratulations. Please send me lots of baby dust.


Sinead - April 22

Im due tomorrow aswel. hope it doesnt come but iv been very moody the past few days and iv lower back pain to and b___bs are sore but hoping for the best.. x


Angela - April 22

Well af never came today. I went to the doctor for a blood test and it was a low level. Not enough for a definate positive, but not totally negative. She said that it may still be too soon. If af does not come by next week I can do another blood test. Did anyone test today and get a +++?


Mona - April 22

I still have a week to go to find out. I can hardly wait....



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