Anyone Due To O Around 8 22

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TH - August 14

I am due to O on or around 8/22. Anyone wants to wait with me?


molly - August 14

I am due to O around the 20th. I would love to wait with you. This is my 5th month off the pill, ttc. How long have you been trying?


TH - August 15

We have been tyring for over 2 years. We have obviously had some road bumps! It is nice to have someone to compare with.


bump - August 20



hanna - August 20

i am due to o around the 21st or the 24th. i'd be glad to wait with you. we've been ttc for 5 months now. i had a miscarriage in april. good luck to both of ya'll!!!


TH - August 20

You too, Hanna!


Dawn (DS) - August 21

Hi Girls. I think I am due to ovulate around the 22nd/23rd so I would love to wait with you. This is our first month ttc, I did think we were going to have to put it off untill next month as my partner has pulled a muscle in his groin so didn't think I would get any action out of him for a while but he proved me wrong on Friday night ha ha ha. Baby dust to all.


TH - August 21



hanna - August 21

well, i'm happy for you dawn. :) i hate when things like that threaten to stand in your way. i've got this month and next before my dh is shipped off to we're bd'ing as much as possible!! does anyone know if doing it every night will lower our chances of conceiving? i'm just not sure exactly when i will o so i want to make sure i have my bases covered. babydust!!!


TH - August 21

i have heard conflicting info about bding every night. my best friend did it everynight and was pg right away. some books say every day lowers count # but if you wait too long the spermies arent very motile. My doctor said every other day til detect o, then every day for a couple days, then every other day again for a few more days. Just do what feels right!


georgie - August 21

Hi girls, always reading this forum, I would like to wait with you also, due for AF on 3/9 ( hopefully not )...been ttc with DH for 3 months however taken a step bak this month and not stressin out with OPK etc, the less stress more likely of success.....c how it goes. Baby dust to all


bec - August 21

hello, this is my 6th month ttc, and i should ovulate around the 22nd, 23, or 24th. what method of detecting ovulation are you ladies using?


TH - August 21

Ovuscope and checking cm


hanna - August 22

i haven't o'd yet...hoping to soon. any luck yet th? good luck everyone!!


th - August 23

dont think so. was supposed to today but no signs....i am so confused!


hanna... - August 23

the only signs i've gotten were somepains on right side yesterday and the day before. no ewcm or anything. hoping i will o soon! good luck th!!


Suzanne - August 26

I am due for AF on 9/4. I have been ttc for 2 months. Last month, my always regular period was 12 days late and the tests were negative. Talk about frustrating! Isn't it funny how your body can play these tricks on you? I guess i was stressing too much? Anyway, I'm hoping i won't be disappointed this time! I guess we'll all find out soon!



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