Anyone Eles Due For Af Today

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wantingbabytwo - November 8

will so far so good


LAUR81 - November 8

I am due today as well. However, I believe I am pregnant because about 15 tests that I have taken in the past week have been BFP!!!!! I am very excited but nervous because It's so early. I hope I just dont start to bleed this weekend because my period is due. Did you take a test yet?


wantingbabytwo - November 8

i did afew days ago but the more i thought about it i was i week late when i was pg with my dd 9 hole years ago i wish the best for you i go and see infertility doctor and he said that if af dosen't come by the 10 to come in so we'll see


piker13 - November 8

I am also expecting my period today and trying for baby number 2, but I really feel like I am pregnant. But not sure. I get symptoms one week then they go away and the next week I get completely different ones. It is soo frustrating because I just want to know. Good luck to both of you.


Judi Sarah - November 9

i was expecting af yesterday and none yet. my cycle used to be very textbook, like 28 days meant 28 days. the last year it has been weird with delays up to 20 days one time! so although af has not visited, i am trying not to get my hopes high even though i am so excited. i am going to try to wait the entire week before testing. hoping for the best, expecting something else.


lizie2 - November 9

Can ne 1 give me their opinion on this? my period is irregular and my last af i had was 8/17 and then I was due for it on 10/17 but about 1 week b4 the 17th I cramped which is unusual considering that normally I cramp like the day b4 or that same day.. well on the 17th i was mildy cramping on and off through the day and af didnt come.. and nothing now!! could that have been implantation cramping? I took a test 3 weeks ago and it was negative so I dont knw what 2 do.. but I feel extremely exhausted and I went to bed at 9 last night and got plenty of rest? and lately i have been getting this like pressure when i have to p but then i go the rr and c if maybe af has come but nope so i p and that feels a whole lot better!! and 1 question sorry? the nipple part of my b___st well not the nipple but the little goosbump thingys seem to be more pronounced? is that also a sign? I just need some advice?? HELP..



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