Anyone Else 11 Dpo

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MeganL8705 - September 3

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I'm dpo and my symptoms have almost all gone away... I'm so afraid that AF is coming. She's due to show up on in 2 days, and I'm just feeling like she's going to show up... O day- temp dip to 96.6; awful heart burn in the morning and all day, headache, ov pain on left side 1 dpo- 97.5; nothing 2 dpo- 97.9; bloated; bbs seem bigger; cramps in my lower back and left side like ov pain; crumbly cm 3 dpo- 98.0; same as 2 dpo; except creamy cm 4 dpo- 98.2; same as above; plus nipples sore 5 dpo- 98.3; cramps now in uterus; hips hurt a lot in pm; only way to describe it is they felt like they were moving or being pushed and stretched; dh had to rub them for me to fall asleep 6 dpo- big temp dip 97.5; white creamy cm, lots of it at cervix; cervix was in different position; felt high and not completely firm and almost open; very bloated; hips hurt; heavy br___ts; mild sore throat; felt hot and almost like I was coming down with something 7 dpo- 97.5 (took temp again in 3 minute span while still lying down, 97.9, 98.1, 98.2) cervix was back to normal low, closed and firm position; woke up with heart burn and had it all day; quesy but always wanted to eat; tender achy bbs; tired feeling all day; took over an hour long nap; bloated, cramps not as bad; BFN at about 7 pm 8 dpo- temp spike, highest it's ever been 98.6; woke up with heart burn and head ache; have had cramps like af all night at work; hips hurt a lot; hot flashes and bouts of nausea at work; tired, took nap; ewcm when wiped at 4pm; checked cervix; in funky position; very firm can't tell where opening is; started spotting at 11pm, but stopped; very emotional; crying a lot 9 dpo- temp sstill high at 98.4; couldn't sleep; couldn't sleep and woke up way early to poas; BFN with FMU; cramps in uterus; quesy all day, feel like my stmach is in my throat type heartburn; hot flashes; smelled a shot of rum at work from 4 feet away and almost got sick; dull pain in my back and in front;cervix very low and very firm; no cm at vag opening but white and watery cm at cervix 10 dpo- temp drops a little to 98.1 (thought it would stay high or get higher if I was pregnant) disappointed ; couldn't sleep again; woke up twice to pee in the middle of the night (very rare for me); woke up with back and head ache; cramps; heartburn and quesy all day, feel like my stmach is in my throat type heartburn; completely exhausted; very dry all day; cervix he same as before, very low and very very firm; snot or jelly like yellow cm; BFN in the middle of the day (couldn't help but test ); bloated all day; bbs seem huge to me and hurt and were throbbing on the sides at the end of the night; very very thirsty all day, drank so much water and pee'd every half hour; 11 dpo- temp down again (took half hour early) 98.1; woke up with head ache and back ache; feel hungover/dehydrated even though I'm drinking so much water!; bbs still feel huge, and hurt a lot, hurt to touch and are aching even while I'm just sitting here typing; no cramps yet I have heartburn all day but especially at night and in the morning. Like I ate before I went to sleep but I never do. I feel like my symptoms are going away... anyone ever felt liek this AND had "implantation spotting" and ended up not being pregnant? For awhile I was conviced I was and now I'm starting to doubt myself. Anyone feel the same way? I'm so anxious for 2 days from now. I feel like I'm going to start : ( Any advice would be appreciated : )


cherylbracey - September 5

kind of in exact same boat as u im 12 dpo as of today



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