Anyone Else A Week Late And Waiting

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Lea - November 27

anyone else a week late and waiting????what are your symptoms?


JL - November 27

Hi. I am and I have tremendous gas. The pressure is killing me. Sore bbs too. What are your symptoms?


Lea - November 27

Well I am ga__sy too! - Sort of constipated, but I think the prenatal vitamins are doing that to me. Cramping too, sort of like menstral cramps but not getting af. I took a hpt this morning (first pee) and neg. Don't know what to do. I don't have soar bbs and I hear that is a major sign. Did you take a test?


Lea - November 27

oh, and lots of clear discharge


JL - November 27

not to be gross,,,tmi..but my gas is a differnt smell, I mean really bad like a truckdriver.


Lea - November 27

well for me, I am sort of a ga__sy person anyways so I can't really tell a difference for myself! (tmi!) If it is really different for you it could be a good sign! I just hate the waiting! Have you tested yet?


Lianne - November 27

Hya i am 6 days late and waiting to see if my period comes. My lower back has been sore, and just today my b___bs have been tender, finding i am going to the loo more and lots of gas lol sorry. I feel as if i am going to come on, getting cramp every now and then but no af.Not sure when to test??? Hope every1 gets the result they want, im hoping for pregnant :D xxxxx


Saird - November 27

Yes, late and extremey tired. Can't believe how tired I am...and b___hy.


Lea - November 28

Yes, I'm tired too. Still no AF as of this morning...I don't know how much longer I should wait before I call my dr. I am 10 days late and hpt is neg. should I wait at least another week and test again?


Susan - November 28

I'm a week late - 2 preg. home preg. tests were positive. I don't have a Dr. appt. for another 2 and 1/2 weeks. No period is first symptom, extremely tired, strange feelings in my abdomen. I want to be pregnant - what if I'm not!!!


LC - November 28

hi I am a week late today. I am never this late usually just a ay or so late with regular cycles...but all HPT have been neg. I think I may have ovulated late though due to my new night hift schedule (I am an RN) so I might only be a few days late. I have a sore throat, cramping, but no AF.


question for LC - November 28

Since you are an RN, maybe you can answer this for me...I am a week late (10 days actually) and I am constantly getting what feels like menstral cramps...but I don't get my AF. I am worried that there may be something wrong...??? I have been off the pill for 3 months and we have been you think this sounds normal?could I be preg or what do you think?


Carissa - November 28

I usually have anywhere from 31-33 day cycles. The latest I've started af was at day 36. This cycle I was under stress because dh had knee surgery on the 18th of this month. But according to fertility friend I o'd on the 10th. I don't think I was under stress then because it wasn't really close to his surgery. So far I'm 38 days into my cycle and no af yet. I'm hoping I don't start because I have a gyn appointment this thursday for a pap that I scheduled 2 weeks ago. I've had mild cramping for 2-4 days like af was coming and still nothing. My cm is creamy and my b___sts are sore. The soreness is in my b___sts are where the soreness normally would be for af. I have lumpy b___sts so where the lumps are is where they hurt. Also 3 times but not in a row my morning temp has been higher than normal. usually the highest it goes is 97.99 but it actually went up to 98 something. My dh and I have been ttc now for 7 months. I hope that I'm pregnant. Could I be pregnant even though I don't have any other symptoms? Baby dust to all of you.


Carissa - November 28

I just tested for the first time with one of those hcg tests from and i got a dark maroon line and a pink line. It says I'm pregnant! I hope it's right!!


LC - November 29

I am an RN, but I am not a maternity/obgyn RN, I am a pediatric RN. But from what I know, you can have cramping with pregnancy which is normal unless the cramping is severe I would think there is a problem. Have you tested since you are 10 days late? Do you for sure know the date you ovulated? Could you have ovulated late and that's why you are late? I am in the same situation right now and am pretty sure I must have ovulated late since I was monitoring my temps. I am getting Af like cramps too on and off but no discharge like you. Still hoping for the BFP! Best wishes!


Is it True? - November 29

Im 6 days late for my period. Im feeling nausious right now as I speak. I was diagnosed with trich and im wondering could that be the reason I havnt had a period. Could someone please get back to me asap. Im also having lower back pain. Im showing all the symtoms but I really dont know whats going on. P.S. Please help


Lianne - November 29

I have the exact same as above^^ and today i came on :( but it lighter then normal and stil got cramp,which i have had for 3 days, and last night had brown sticky stuff in my knickers(sorry) so not sure what to think now :S xxxx



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