Anyone Else Hate The Waiting Game As Much As I Do

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NIK - March 5

I took a HPT this morning and it was starting to believe that i am not preggers...but i still have to wait bc my AF isn't due until march 11th, maybe 13th, maybe sooner, maybe later!! I HATE THE WAITING GAME!


Hanna - March 5

Yes, I hate it too! (and the disappointment if af shows up...)


Poppins - March 5

Hang in there, ladies! I just keep picturing my tiny baby- the one I'm probably not having yet!!!! Have either of you been ttc? Does it take some time to get over the diappointment when AF comes? I'm trying to be positive, but I am so darn tired of waiting!! ++++++++++++++++++++!!!


Hanna - March 5

Hi Poppins! It does take some time to get over the disappointment when af comes. But I do not really have the right to be complaining since we have only been ttc since the beginning of November.. so not that long. But I really hope I'm pregnant every time. But you are right, you have to try to be positive! I hope you won't have to do a lot of waiting, so good luck! (I expect af tomorrow - or better, I am hoping it won't wish me luck too, please!)


deidra - March 5

My husband and I have been ttc since August of 2004. We have a 2 1/2 year old and it only took 2 months to concieve her. We desperately want another child and I can't get over the disappointment every month when it doesn't happen. On top of that, my sister in law (who wasen't even trying) is 5 months preg. A pregnancy test this morning was neg but it's still a little early for this month. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


mulgajill - March 5

NIK.... early pregnancy tests say CAN work 5-7 days before expected period... reality is that that is only in SOME cases.... a negative does not mean not pregnant, just means not enough hormone present for the test to pick up OR not pregnant.... hcg levels vary widely in the first few weeks... so hang in there and test when AF is due...


Nik - March 5

Thanks Mulgajill! I will try to stay calm until AF is supposed to come...hope she doesn't!!


Emma - March 6

Hi Nik - mine is also due 11th - my only symptom is nipples which feel like they are about to drop off....I also took a test the other day but Neg - I will wait till due AF day and if it doesnt come, take another one - but based on some of the stories on this website you can be about 4 months pregnant and still get a negative _ God forbid.....I'm waitin with ya !


nik - March 6

ahh im glad ppl are with me on this!!! lets keep eachother posted and what happens! My b___bs/nipples haven't been really sore, i've just been cranky, peeing a lot, nausous at times, headachey, stomach cramps glad im not alone! I hope it doesn't take 4 months to get a pos HPT!!!!BABY DUST!



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