Anyone Else Have This Problem

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nikki - April 23

I have recently stopped using Nuva Ring birthcontrol (second cylcle off). My first mp was one day late, but otherwise normal. 4/14/05 was supposed to be day one of mp. That makes me 9 days late. I have had 4 hpt's, with the thrid coming up a slight positive, and the most recent negative (this morning) The past 2 nights i have had a horrible time sleeping, because i am so nauseated and i feel hot, but not to the touch. I also have sensitivity to odors, and very tender nipples. Does anyone besides me think i might be pregnant?? I think it might be in my head...since i want to be.....Thoughts, anyone?


nelly - April 23

one reason that i thought i was pregnant was i was staying really sick at my stomach and really weak i was 2 weeks late and i took 4 pregnancy test and i am pregnant i am 28 weeks now.


Kristina - April 23

It sounds like you are pregnant, but if you ovulated late, you wouldn't get a positive right way. Do you have any idea when you ovulated?


jena - April 23

i totally agree with Kristina - for the same reason, I didn't get the "official OK" that I was pregnant, even from doctors, until I was 2 weeks late. now i am 7.5 weeks with twins. you have some signs, and although it is easy to "think them up", i think you very well could be. i highly recommend getting a quant_tative blood test!! good luck!


nikki - April 23

I was supposed to ovulate the 31st or 1st. I was thinking that myself...or maybe took a while to implant? I have no symptoms when i ovulate, and i didn't check temps. My cm was perfect though...sooo....maybe. I'm also never ever late...and last month deffinately had something to do with recently getting off birthcontrol. I don't think this month has anything to do with that though, since last month it was just a little bit late, and otherwise normal...I dunno. ::crosses fingers:: I'm retesting in the am...and told myself i will try not to pee anymore tonight!! hahaha!! (want it to be REEEEally concetrated...)



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