Anyone Else Over 3 Weeks Late And Still Testing Negative

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newlywed0915 - October 11

Just wondering if I am the only one.........:-( (hums to self)


MAC_33 - October 11

Yep! And I'm goin CRAZY! My LMP started on August 31...I thought for sure that I O'd on Sept 21-22 but tested negative again this morning. I just came off BCPs in July though so I'm sure my cycles are just still messed up from that. The BFN today finally made me think rationally and accept that it's just gonna take more time to get pregnant...Geez I wish AF would come though so that I can start trying for next month!


Tiggy - October 12

I am right there with you and of course MAC (on another post) My last period was Aug 20th and I was execting it around Sept 24th. I also came of BC pills in July too. I am also testing negative as of yesterday and tommarrow I am going to the doctor to get a blood test to settle it once and for all. Baby juice and good luck to you!


newlywed0915 - October 12

I'm frankly aggravated!!!! I am having the strangest symptoms and you know, still no AF! I think I'm preggers...but it could be my mind playing tricks on me. Are you guys experiencing v____al dryness? Sorry, TMI but Hubby and I were trying for some loving last night and even after KY and15 minutes or so of me on top, I was dry. Needless to say... it was a bust. Then I woke up wet later this morning. Whats WRONG?!!!!


MAC_33 - October 12

Hey Ladies, just a quick update to let you know that AF arrived today on CD 43! You know the thing that still puzzles me is all the twitching/pulling/cramping in my abdomen for 3 weeks. Maybe my uterus is just trying to reajust to the hormone levels and preparing itself for a possible future pregnancy? Just a guess? Oh well time to start the process all over again.....


newlywed0915 - October 12

at least you know that you aren't pregnant now and can really watch to make sure you are busy during your fertile time!!!!Baby juice to you this month!!!!!!!!


nikkiTTC - October 12

My last AF was sept. 11 and my LH was detected on sept. 24 which was cd 13. I must have ovulated sept. 24th or 25th. I should have gotten my AF on October 9th, 10th, or 11th. I still haven't...i'm now on cd31 and still testing negative and no sign of AF. I should have had either one of these by now...i had so many symptoms such as spotting from implantation exactly 8dpo and vomiting this past Monday, but still negative results. i can't stand this anymore.


bellasmom79 - October 12

im with you girls last af was aug 9th,3hpts all neg.whats going on.


Tiggy - October 13

Hi 54 and still no AF. I went to get a blood test today and I had to see another doctor as mine was booked up today. Anyway, he said its likely if the HPT tests are negative then the blood test would be but I've heard differently. Anyway he sent me off to the lab and I will know the results early next week. I keep thinking its coming, but its discharge (sorry TMI) keeps freaking me out though, b___bs hurt off and on, weird cramps, just started feeling hearburn, ah well who knows...3 weeks and no period, what the hell????


newlywed0915 - October 15

I GOT MY BFP!!!!!!!!!!Took a test Saturday mornigna nd got a faint poitive, and today I took anotehr and it was very bold!!!!!! We're so excited!!!!


vonzo - October 15

Hi Ladies, thought i'd add in my experience. I didn't have a period for 14 weeks. I was convinced I was pg as I was TTC but it was all in my head. I went for blood tests after numerous - results. Anyhoo the tests showed up very low levels of progesteron which led to more blood tests, confirming that i 'm having anovulatory cycles. Basically I'm not producing eggs. So far I;ve had another 2 tests , still not producing any :o( I have to have another 2 (theyre called 21 day tests) and if they both come back saying no eggies too then it's off to a specialist for me. I would say that If you miss 2 periods go see your Dr to get things checked out. The sooner they find out why your periods missing the sooner you can get back to baby dancing :o) Good luck everyone!!! xx


Tiggy - October 16

OMG Newlywed!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


newlywed0915 - October 16

thank you!!!!baby dust to all!!!



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