Anyone Else Testing Tomorrow

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BrandiH - October 11

I"m testing in the morning and i'm nervous. I really want a BFP even though we weren't planning on this at all. Tomorrow is 3 days before expected af, but I can't wait any longer. This has been the longest week ever! Anyone else testing tomorrow?


Meelliissaaxo - October 11

i tested this morning and a negative!! gonna test again sunday! keep me posted.. this is day 3 pa__sed my missed period! ugh! just wish i could get a POSITIVE!


jezebel1018 - October 11

*babydust* brandi! i'll keep checking.


BrandiH - October 12

I tested and it was BFN. af is still a few days away though so I'm going to wait unti Tuesday to test again, I figured it'd be neg, but I was just hoping. Maybe I'm just kidding myself too, who knows.


jezebel1018 - October 12

ok well don't lose hope there are plenty of false negatives especially when you test a little early but good lord do i know its hard. hang in there my thoughts are with you. worst case scenario we can go through next month together since our cycles appear to be the same ;)


BrandiH - October 12

That's for praying with me. I'm trying to convince myself maybe I'm not and if the symptoms go away I figure it's all in my head. sounds good right, easier said than done. I'm just not sure if DH wants to actually TTC or not.


wantbabyboy - October 12

what symptoms are you having ?


BrandiH - October 12

Well I've had a lot of symptoms, Eating all the time, feeling tired (not as bad now as a week ago, but still tired), Headaches, and bloating. at 6 and 7dpo I had really bad cramps and a pulling feeling but now there is just twinges of cramps. Then I started to get light brown spotting that stopped today (12dp0) Even though I'm hungry I can't decided what to eat and sometimes just thinking about what i want to eat makes me feel sick. Certain smells are really apparent, but not all. Oh and I start crying at the drop of a hat. And today I've been going to the bathroom alot. What do you think?


BrandiH - October 12

I forgot to mention I've been really thirsty the last 3 days and I don't seem to like water anymore apparently, which is normally all I drink. and I've been burping just from drinking water.


wantbabyboy - October 12

brandi when was your lp ?....sounds like you are .


BrandiH - October 12

Sept 17th, I'm due again monday so it might just be too early. One thing that seems weird is I had some creamy cm and then it seemed to go away, and now I tend to feel damp down there so i'll wipe before going to the bathroom and don't get anything.


Doubleal - October 12

Brandi, It really does sound like you are pregnant!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and all.


BrandiH - October 12

I hope you girls and my instincts are right. It's a good thing I'm going away for the whole weekend otherwise I've probably be testing every day. I've done good, I had 3 tests in the house all week and never tested until today!


newlywed0915 - October 12

baby dust to you all, I hope everyone gets their bfps! Brandi, I'm testing tommorrow too. So you and Iw ill be in this together


Doubleal - October 12

Good luck ladies with testing tomorrow!!!


newlywed0915 - October 15

Brandi did you test? I tested Saturday morning and got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 days late, and I got it!I took anotehr test this morning and the positive sign was very bold!!!!!!!!


BrandiH - October 15

Newlywed I'm so happy for you!!! I did test and got a BFN. AF wasn't due until today though I'm going to test again some time this week providing she doesn't show up. I don't really have any signs as of right now beside crying a lot yesterday, but I've been doing that for the last week so who knows. I also have these light cramps, but they feel different than normal cause I normally only have really strong cramps right before she shows (like a half hour before).



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