Anyone Else Wake Up Nauseous W AF Due 8 1

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Gigi - July 28

Hi girls! This morning I actually WOKE UP feeling nauseous - which hadn't happened yet - also with a slight headache. I also felt like I could use more sleep after already slept 9 hours! My DH and I bded on the 17th - which was supposed to be our most fertile time - only once, I know, so if I turn out preggies I'll be very lucky - and my AF is due 8/1. But I couldn't resist testing early with a Clear Blue test, because I read that it is more sensitive to hCG surges - up to 4 days earlier than AF is due, so I told myself what the heck - unfortunately it came out neg. So my question to you is, how many of you have been waking up nauseous, tested negative early, then tested closer to or on day of AF and it was positive? Baby dust to all!


Heather - July 29

My af is due 8/5 and I have already been quesy for a week. in regards to the pregnancy test you are using, I have read First response early has the lowest level of HCG detection, therefore eing one of the most sensitive test on the market...hope this helps, it detects pregnancy in 92% of women two days before there af is even due. good luck and baby dust to ya.


lena - July 29

Hi ladies! My af is due to start on Aug. 1sth too. Gigi, your syptoms sound pretty promising! I hate when the tests come back negative...Not too many sypmtoms here..bloating and cramping. It's so hard to tell if its af coming or preg symptoms! Any more signs of pregnancy this morning? When are you going to test again?


Gigi to Heather & Lena - July 29

Hi Girls! Thanks Heather for your advice on First Response HPT. I woke up this mornig with less nausea, but am starting to feel some again now, and I had to resist the urge to test again with the first pee. I have a Fact Plus, which also advertises being able to detect hCG up to 4 days early - have you ever tried that brand? Would today be 4 days before AF if it's due 8/1, or just 3? Sorry for such a dumb question - duh! When are you going to start testing? Around the 2nd or 3rd? How long have you been ttc? What other symptoms do you have? Lena, since you're due the same day as me, when will you test? How long have you been trying? Isn't this an exciting yet frustrating waiting period - argh! DO either of you "feel" preggies? I don't know when I should test again - should I wait till AF doesn't show, or get dissapointed again testing early? Anyhoo, I wish you both lots of baby dust and let's wait together!


lena - July 29

I 'think' today is the 4th day before af. I'm not sure when I'm going to test. Maybe on Sunday?? This is my first month trying. I didn't have any luck w/ the o tests. So, I don't know if my chances are good this month. Did you use the o tests or temping?


Gigi - July 29

Yeah, I used the O tests but only after the 17th - the first day of AF was 7/6, so with a 26-day cycle, it was projected that o would be around the 16th or 17th. DH and I bded on the 17th,. then I checked for o after that and it never appeared, so I a__sume that I o'ed on the 16th or 17th as predicted, so that's why I figure my chances of having concieved are good, since the sperm live 3 to 4 days right? So I figure that if I o'ed on the 16th or 17th that there's a good chance that one little spermy would have made it up there LOL! This is also our first month trying, so get discouraged, it can happen in any given month right? I didn't do any temping either, just the charting thing trying to a__sess my most fertile day(s), and the 3 readings I got from several sites all pointed to the 16th or 17th so I am PRAYING that they were right! So you're going towait until Sunday to test? I guess I should too - please help me withstand the temptation (I tols you I have a Fact plus just sitting here, calling my name - aaaaaaaaaargh! - What other symptoms do you have?



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