Anyone Else With 30 Cycles

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suzieQ - November 21

I have 35 day cycles, and am hoping there's some others out there who are in a similar situation and ttc. I've been using the online ovulation calenders, but am not sure when I actually ovulate. I figure we'll just bd every day or two and it'll happen :) I'm on my second month of ttc, so hopefully it'll happen soon. Does anyone else want to wait things out with me?


L - November 21

I will! I'm anywhere from 31-35 days. My gyn said i can ovulate anywhere from CD 16- CD20 and that the best thing to do is use OPK.. so that's my plan. Though... next month the plan is just to bd for 2 weeks because i'm sick of feeling like i missed it! Right now I'm CD 33 and no sign of AF. No symptoms... just slightly swollen b___bs (tmi!) I had slight cramping the week before (last week) but now i'm just waiting... took an hpt this morning and BFN. On to the next month.....


yes - November 22

I've been having 34 or 35 day cycles, and I ovulate on cd 19 or 20. hope that helps.


ALC - November 22

Yes, I have 31-35 days too. I ovulated on day 21 this month (used an opk). I got off the pill about 5 months ago, and now I can really feel ovulation (bad pain), so that makes it easier to know when I am ovulating. I am only 6 dpo now, so I am going to test when I am one day before I am late, and then see what happens. Good luck to you all!


Parul - November 22

Hi SuzieQ. I have been off the pill for the past 6 months. My period was regular when on the pill. When off the pill my cycles were all over the place. However in the last 3 months, I have had a 33 day cycle. I have done the OPK and it indicated that I ovulate a week sooner. I had originally thought that I ovulate from CD 15 to 21, however with OPK, it said that I ovulate from CD 12 to 18. So who knows!! But I do suggest using OPK.


suzieQ - November 22

I didn't realize so many people used OPK's! I've never used one and I think I'll wait a few months before I try it. I figure if girls can get pregnant from just 'one time' then I can certainly try it if I do it 15 or more times :) L, good luck with your hpt this month - you never know. Lots of women don't have symptoms right away. Parul, I went off the pill almost two years ago. I had a 56 day lapse once! That was very annoying!! I didn't realize going off the pill would mess up my cycles so much. My doc was saying if you go on the pill at an early age (age 20 or less) then your body has not had a chance to get it's cycles figured out by itself, so when you go off the pill, it takes awhile to balance out. Anyways, good luck and lotsa baby dust to you all ********


L - November 22

thanks suzieQ. I've heard great things about OPK too - I just started temping also so that I can really tell if/when I O next month if AF decides to show up... CD 35 now (i misstated yesterday) and still no sign of AF... didn't do hpt this morning after yesterday's BFN - if no AF today I'll test again tomorrow. Still no real AF symptoms... but these last few months my mind has played some crazy tricks on me so I try not to read into all of the "signs".... fingers crossed!


suzieQ - November 23

L, let me know your results! I hope you get your bfp :) Last month I was trying to not think about every symptom, but it was always on my mind. I just finished my af, so we're looking forward to testing again in three weeks. Also, has anyone heard of ovulating right after your af? Like, on day 6 or 8? The reason I ask (and I"ll try to keep it clear) is that because I have long cycles, you would think that I wouldn't ovulate until later. However, last time I was pregnant (ended in m/c) I tested positive at 3w2d with a hpt, and it was confirmed two days later by blood test. Up until there was no heartbeat (at 8 weeks), the size was correct to the day according to a normal cycle. Does that make any sense? anyways, we'll see how it goes this month. I think if we don't conceive by the end of 3rd month, then I'll start charting and everything. Good luck ladies! ******


Bek - November 23

Hey guys I'm in the same boat and EXTREMELY frustrated. Especially on other threads where they are on the 2ww I get so jealous. I'm on CD 34 and I think I o'd on CD 18. I have this OPK that tests your salvia to see when you are ovulating. It started showing signs around CD 14-19 and on CD 18 I got a big lump of CM (sorry tmi!) That is how a friend told me to pin point the day you ovulate. I did a test today and it was BFN :( My last cycle was 35 days and I think this one might even go up to 38 so I'll test again around CD 40. I hate having to wait so long.... I can't tell if I'm getting AF signs or pregancy signs....I'm just killing my self by reading into every little cramp and feeling I get.... I just want to be pregnant so bad this cycle, it's stressing me out and I know how bad that it..... How much longer have you got to wait Miss SuzieQ?


Parul - November 23

his SuzieQ! I am trying for #2. My first, was a definite surprise! I was on the pill and became pregnant at 31 years old. Gave birth at 32 years old and now trying at the age of 33. It has been 5 months since TTC. I thought it would be easy, as it was very easy to conceive with the first. I am hoping for no AF on November 29/05. (cd 33) I do feel some symptoms such as heartburn,diaherra/constipation,headaches. However all of this can be my psyche going crazy!!! I have been checking my CM/CP with the addition of BBT. If I am not pregnant this month, then I will use my new Saliva Ovulation test for next month. You can record your fertility/cycle on and it is free! I have been recording on that website for the past 6 months. I made me aware of my cycle. Sticky baby dust to all!


suzieQ - November 23

Hi Bek, I am on cd8 so I have a looong wait ahead of me. Three weeks at least! I know what you mean about having to wait so long... trust me. I joined a few of the 2ww threads,but kept on falling behind :( How long have you been ttc? I've been using the cm to see when I ovulate as well. Parul, thanks for the website recommendation, I'm going to check it out today. I keep track in my calender, but it might be easier online as I'm here lots anyways. Good luck with all your symptoms!!! Baby dust******


Parul - November 23

Hi SuzieQ! I want to let you know that, is having technical difficulties and won't be up and running again until 11/26. Sorry! Baby dust to all!


L - November 23

Hi everyone - we'll its CD 36 and 3 days of BFN so far.... I've never gone this long (longest has been 35 days since off bc) ... but still BFN!! I'm SOOOOO FRUSTRATED! This is making me insane.


Bek - November 23

L - I know how you feel. You think that by now a test should have picked up if you're pregnant but when the AF still hasn't come you keep holding on to hope. You hear of women who don't show a BFP for weeks after their AF was due so you like to think you might be one of them.... Why does our body have to be so cruel when we're TTC. I'm changing my mind several times a day. Sometimes I'm convinced that it's AF cramps but then I feel like vomitting and swear I must be pregnant....CD 35 today and if last cycle is anything to go on I should get my AF tomorrow but my cycles have never been regular off BC so I should just stick it out a few more days before I test again. Tests are pretty expensive here in Australia. None of this dollar a test stuff :)


L - November 23

Bek, thanks so much for your kind words. You are so right, it is sooo hard not to hang on to the hope that AF won't show and the BFP is on it's way. I've been having "symptoms" since I found out what the symptoms were!! :) This time I'm finding myself in the bathroom every 2 minutes thinking AF is here - I'm a loony! Best wishes to you for a BFP.... As for me, I'm going to try not to think about it (yea, right!) and put off testing for a few more days.


L - November 23

by the way.. Bek, where are you from in Australia? dh & I spent our honeymoon there last summer!


Bek - November 23

Hey there. I'm in Canberra. Not too many people spend their honeymoon here! Lived here all my life. It is a lovely place but not very exciting. They all say it is a fantastic place to raise children - just wish I could hurry up and find that out for myself :) Where are you from?



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