Anyone Ever Find Out They Were Pregnant With No Symptoms

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No name - February 24

I'm just wondering if any ladies on here have every found out they were pregnant & didn't have any symptoms. I'm 4 days late, have no symptoms really and was just curious.


Susan - February 24

With my daughter, I didn't have any symptoms until I was about 2 months along and then they hit like a brick!


For NO NAME - February 24

I tested one day after my missed period. I had 3 positive tests. I only tested because my husband and i were trying. It is possible not to have any symptoms at first. I didnt have any symptoms til about 2 weeks after my miss period. Hope this helps. -K-


alex - February 24

ME!!!! I feel like I am pregnant, but then think that I am just going insane, because I read all the info on here about all of the other women who have implantation bleeding and darkened areolas and think "Ok, I'm just losing it here!!) my af is due on Feb28th and I keep thinking that I should be feeling more signs, I mean I kind of have sore b___bs and slight nausea and dizzy, but nothing else. Oh well!! time will tell!!


For Alex. - February 24

I can tell you this... try not to imagine symptoms because you want to be pregnant. Sometimes reading the stuff on here can drive you crazy because so many people differ. Each women is pregnant and each women has their own opinions. Just relax... let it happen and enjoy it. ~armywife~


for armywife - Fr Alex - February 24

Thank you for this. I try not to imagine symptoms, but it is highly possible that I do. most of things that I am feeling are actually the same things that I would feel before my period anyway, it is all so confusing, but you are so right, I need to just relax and enjoy. thank you for answering my post and good luck to you!!!


girlee - February 24

Im curious as well. Im 2 weeks late but am on b/c. i didnt even have a slight cremp. but i took a test it said negative but i hear about all these things about women not knowing till they were a few months . oh i wish i knew.


Niki - February 25

When i was pregnant the only symptom i had was that my AF was late and i tested 4 days late and it was postive. I didn't start to feel pregnant until i was 6 weeks.


jaci - February 25

I only found out I was pregnant because I was diagnosed with a bladder infection and in order to decide what medicine I should be on they gave me a blood pregnancy test to be sure I wasn't pregnant, but it turned out that I was. Throughout my whole pregnancy I had one day of morning sickness and that was in my second trimester. I would've never guessed that I was pregnant because I had no symptoms!


No name - February 25

Thanks for your input. I still haven't gotten it. I have some cramping here & there on both my lower left & right sides which feels like I'm ovulating. And I'm always eating. I don't want to take a test till Sunday. I'm trying to hold out. Thanks again!


bunny - February 26

i didnt test with my first son til i was 2 months pregnant. i had NO symptons. my mother said that i acted like i had symptons. but i never realized ne thing. except the night i tested. i ate 2 subway sandwiches. (i always eat that much) and threw both of them up!


May - February 26

Alex: My AF is due Feb. 28 as well, and I'm not feeling any symptoms either. Well, I think I'm feeling the regular PMS symptoms, but I'm just confused right now too. I wish I knew! I did have some spotting for 2 days at the end of last week. I'm hoping it was implantation bleeding.



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