Anyone Ever Had A BROWN AF

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patty - November 27

i am ttc . i suffer from irregular cycles. i am about 9 days early for af (more or less) and i have had a light mucosy brown flow? i only need a liner. today is the first day. anyone ever had this ? what does it mean ? HELP!


to patty - November 27

It could be implantation bleeding. I have hard it described exactly how you are describing it.


Jen - November 27

Hi patty-before I found out that I was pregnant with my son, I had a mucousy brown pink mess going on for about 3 days. I had it a week and a half early before my period was due. I didn't realize that it was implantation till 2 weeks later when I took off to the bathroom puking. So, my advice to you would be test when you would have expected your period. You won't get a + now becuase implantation is just now occuring and it takes some time for the hormone to get going and show up in your pee. Some women are confused about the whole "IB" thing because they think it is that when they really have their periods. It takes approx. 14 days for the egg to come down the tube and implant. This usually can cause bleeding before the expected period. Hope this helps-let us know!!


patty - November 28

well today is day 2---very light---barely filled a pad---brown but also read. i do have irregular crazy i think it is af--


Keisha - November 28

i had the same thing this month. The only difference is i never had an irregular cycle. I went to the doctors b/c i was also having pregnancy syptoms w/ it and they told me it was my period. Now here i am a week later and my b___sts are extremely sore, i'm always hungry.And this is a/b 2 weeks after the experience like yours. Now am i crazy or could i be pregnant. some one please help me out.


Becky - November 29

To Keisha, You could be pregnant. You might test and see. But maybe you tested too early the last time.


patty - November 29

well ---i was up for like 2 hours last night with cramps----maybe it was gas....but i am worried that it may be an ovarian cystwell i knew for sure it is af---day 3 and it is red.


patty - November 29

red-but very light!


keisha - November 29

to those who do have the answer to my ques my e-mail address is [email protected] This is serious to me b/c it is eating at me that I dont know. I have scheduled a test w/my doctor 2morrow for a blood test. does this sound like it would be more accurate? being that the brown stuff was the week before last into last week would it still be to early or would I get an accurate test 2morrow? again pls also respond at my e-mail, especially if there is any doctors and/or experienced women that have been through this. Thank you



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