Anyone Ever Had A Negative Blood Test But Still Be Pregnant

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Janey - August 19

I need some opinions because I am dying of worry. About 5 days before my AF was due I started bleeding but it only lasted about 2 days and then when it was time for my AF....nothing. I would now be considered 10 days late and have taken numerous tests all coming out negative. The thing is, I feel pregnant because of alot of symptoms I am having, so I went yesterday for a blood test and its negative too! I am supposed to go next week for an internal exam, but I am scared. Has anyone ever had a blood test come out negative, but still be pregnant? My stomach is bloated, I have been pukey feeling in the afternoons, exhausted, lots of discharge, crampy feeling but no blood and now this afternoon I was eating cheese sandwiches with hot sauce on them! I dont know what else would give me symptoms like this, but that blood test said I'm not. Can someone please shed some light on this???


Emily - August 19

I actually havent had a blood test before but before I got my positive test I had about 5 negative hpt's(one a week). Have you taken a hpt yet, your hcg hormone might not be strong enough yet. It sounds like you could have had implantaiton bleeding, and your symptoms sound like pregnancy is possible-good luck.


Teresa - August 19

Yes, I was pregnant and it was confirmed by my doctor. I began having complications and went the the hospital, they did a blood test and the doctor came in and told me I wasn't pregnant. Later that evening I miscarried. Sometimes womens hcg levels don't register high enough. Wait a few weeks and retest your blood. I have had 3 miscarriages my last in Feb. with a DNC. I am pretty sure I am 3-4 months pregnant again, I have all the symptoms and the feeling. 7 hpt have come back neg.


Janey - August 20

I have taken several home tests and all are negative, so I decided to go for the blood test. I am going for an internal on Tuesday. I am scared because if I am not pregnant I don't know what else it would be. I am sorry to hear about your miscarriages, Teresa. I have two children and I don't know what I would do without them and I was excited to think I was pregnant again. Hearing that it was negative just started a downward spiral of questions about what could be wrong with me. The bleeding I had was the same thing that happened to me in my first pregnancy and then the symptoms started, so I a__sumed that it would be a positive. I just wanted to see what my chances were of still being pregnant even though I came up negative on a blood test. Thanks to all for your help! Keep me in your thoughts for Tuesday!


Grandpa Viv - August 20

If you had a quant_tative blood test of 2 or less at 9 days late I would say there is something else going on. A qualitative at 9 days late may be no more revelaing than a urine test. I would be keeping my fingers crossed for your internal next week, but even that might be rushing things. Many docs would prefer you wait until missing a second period or at least getting a positive hpt. Good luck!


Perplexed - October 19

I am going crazy too. 10 days late, all the symptoms but negative HPTs. Nhs doc dont really want to bother with a blood test. Should I insist?



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