Anyone Ever Had This Happen

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autumn85 - May 23

ok so now i am 17 days of what i think is "late" for af. i stopped bc mid cycle and had the withdrawl bleeding a few days later. i have been going through some weird things though like cramping for the last week and some other things... i keep thinking af is coming but it never does. my last period started on april 6th. i know that it takes awhile to get your cycle back to normal but is it possible i am preg? i have taken tests but they have been neg. i just wonder if anyone else has been in this situation! thanks


Emma2 - May 23

Autumn, repeated negatives indicate not pregnant. You could be having an anovulatory cycle or just extremly late ovulation OR yes, you can be pregnant despite the rarity of such a late detection. I would suggest going to get a blood test and discuss this with your dr. Good Luck.


autumn85 - May 23

ok another question....since i havent started my period yet then it is still possible to become preggo right? i guess now i am not sure when i am ovulating but there's always a chance right?


Emma2 - May 23

Yes, there is still a possibilty of pregnancy ..Thats why you need to get straight to your dr. and see if it is that.


j. - May 23

quick question for you autumn since i'm kind of going through a similar situation. when you say you had withdrawal bleeding for a few heavy was the bleeding? was it like full b__wn af or much much lighter? and do you think it could be possible that what you say was withdrawal bleeding could actually have been your af for the month? thanks.


Lin - May 23

It sounds to me like your hormones are all screwed up from stopping your bcp in the middle of the pack. Anyway, after stopping birth control, expect your body to be acting pretty unpredictable for at least the next 3-4 months. There's always the possibility you'll get pregnant right off the pill, but let me tell you from experience that you're better off a__suming you won't. When you avoid getting your hopes up, it's a much shorter distance to fall when af arrives each month, and if you end up one of the lucky ones who gets pregnant right away it'll be a nice surprise!


autumn85 - May 24

well af came last night...its lighter than usual but i know its my period. good luck to everyone else!



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