Anyone Ever Has BROWN Wipes Before AF

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patty - September 27

has anyone ever had brown wipes for days before af ? what could it mean ? i am having a couple of days of brown wipes and my af should start untill saturday. has anyone evr experienced this ? i am ttc.


mal - September 27

inplantation bleeding?? this is when the folicle attaches itself to the uterus wall and causes some spotting. this usally happenes between day 10 to 16 post ovulation,good luck


patty - September 27

unfortunately i do not think it is IB because i have had this happen before. just wondering if anyone had a similiar situation like this-and what it means ?


terri - September 27

i have it nearly every month before af, usually two days before af though. i too have started spotting already but it is a different texture and color than usual. af is also due sat for me. good luck.


patty - September 27

one more question-is it normal or can it be one of those "red flags" that tell us something is wrong. like ovarian cyst-etc.....i am ttc for 6 months.


Me too - September 27

I get this with my cycles when I am under stress. It's like af is trying to start, but the stress is holding it back. Brown only means it's old blood; not fresh red blood.


becca - September 27

to patty i had this on sunday 18th and the first day i had a small spot of red blood then 3 days of brownish discharge i thought i was ib but it could be a few things, ovulation spotting, implantation or hormone changes. I think mine was ovulation spotting i do bbting but my doc thinks that there is a big chance that i could be pg so who knows i think everyone is different i just have to wait and see. Good luck to you hope its ib, keep us updated for future reference for others with this prob. :)


patty - September 28

i have read somewhere that when we sometimes spot brown beforw af-it could be that we did not ovulate--so that isnt very encouraging when ttc. this is not the first month i have been getting these brown wipes beforw af- i have been geting them since june cycle. i guess i should run to the dr.!!!!!!!!


Linda - September 28

I started spotting brown the same month I started ttc. What a coincidence right? Messed me up in the head, I'll tell you! I now spot every month a few days before af, then I'll have a day or two of nothing, then I get af. I think it's pretty common.



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