Anyone Ever Have A Positive OPK 3 Days In A Row

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babynewbie - February 6

Just wondering what it means...its never happened before. This is the third day in a row that I have had a clear dark then control line positive OPK. This is my first time using clear blue easy, I have been using internet cheapies to this point. Is it normal? It just seems a little odd to me, should we bd tomorrow?


bell07 - February 6

hello :) ............. why are you still testing if you got your pos o 3 days ago.................? i have been told by others as well as my fertility dr and the pharmicist ...that having a pos o test 3 times in a row can mean pregnancy...not trying to get your hopes up here though............. just thought you would be interested in knowing that fact............... its either your pregers OR you are very fertile ...and you better get bding :)


kelbabe - February 7

i had positive opk for 3 days last month, and im not preg...this month, so far, i have had two...the second being today..............


nicole26 - February 7

I actually had several positive opk in a row and was not pregnant. My RE did blood work to check my lh level and said I probably just had more of the lh hormone then most people do. It wasn't so high that I should be worried it was just enough for the test to pick it up. He told my that I probably wouldn't be able to depend on the opk to detect when I ovulate.


Butterfly01 - February 7

i too had positive opk for 3 days but didnt get pregnant.


bell07 - February 8

a positive o test is when the test line is darker than the control line............... you may know this but just in case you didnt letting you know :)


babynewbie - February 8

i used the digital test and got a happy face three days in row...i'm not sure why i kept testing to be honest. boredom? lol..dh was away on business so i guess i was just seeing if we should bother to bd when he returned which was yesterday. we did once but i'm pretty sure its too late. any words of advice whether you think it was? my chart is ferfilityfriend dot com/home/babynewbie any insight would be great, he's sleeping from jetlag but i could easily wake him!!!



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