Anyone Ever Have False Negative Please Reply

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rachel s - May 2

I am 8 days late for my period. I have never been this late. I have no signs of AF coming at all. I usually get my period my first morning pee, but I have nothing. I took one prego test this morning and it came out "not pregnant" and I took another one a little while later and it said "see leaflet". It didn't work. I'm just really confused now. I told everyone in my family that I had to be pregos, because I had never been this late. I feel so stupid now. So has anyone ever got a positive really late? Or something like that?


gina143 - May 2

when i was pregnant, I got a light pink line.... didnt know for sure so I went to the docs had a teat they said it was a false negative and to go back in two weeks.... I took another test and i was pregnant


SaraLynn - May 2

it might be that you are pg and you just aren't producing enough of the homones for the tests to pick up on them. if you think you might be, go to your dr asap.


kellie - May 2

I am in the same position you are! I was due for AF on April 26. Well, from the 26th to the 30th (when AF should have been) I had mild cramping but no blood. It felt just like it was going to start, I kept running to the bathroom to check and .....nothing! For the last two days I have had no AF symptoms at all, it's like I just skipped right over it. I am concerned because I have always been like clockwork everymonth, I have been early a few times, but never late. I took an HPT last night, and another one from the same box this morning and they both came back negative. I am so confused!


Lin - May 2

Late positives happen, but they are not particularly common. Take a test once a week until you get a bfp or your period, and if your period doesn't show by the time you'd expect the next one, then make an appointment for a blood test. It's quite possible that you just ovulated late or had an anovulatory cycle. The latter happens to everyone at some point in their life and isn't a problem as long as it's not a common occurance.


rachel s - May 2

kellie... how are you feeling? I guess we are in the same boat here huh?


Saird - May 2

Hey girls, with my last pregnancy I had two false negatives before I got a positive. And these tests were weeks apart. Apparently I didn't produce enough hormones to show. NOw I'm on CD40 today and wondering if I will show a positive soon...


rachel s - May 2

Sarid, how long did it take you to finially get a positive? And did you have any spotting?


Saird - May 2

I don't entirely remember, that was 3 years ago! But I know I was getting annoyed because I KNEW I was pregnant and it wouldnh't show up. Even whe I went to the doc's they had to do 2 blood tests and they said "Just barely" pregnant" whatever that means...And after I finally got the positive I had an hours of bright red bleeding and thought I lost the baby- but didn't. I still have no idea why I had that. This time I'm on CD40 and have had some spotting- I still havent' tested- but I've had some pinkish CM and brown spotting. I'm wondering...


kellie - May 3

Hey Rachel! I am feeling ok, aside from a few twinges here and there in my abdoman. AF is still not here......very strange. I may try another brand of test in a few days. How about you?


kellie - May 4

Well, I just got back from the doctor. She is sending me for blood work, she said they don't waste their time with urine tests (whatever that means!). She did a pelvic exam and said she didn't see any blue coloration to my cervix so she had no idea if I am pregnant or not. She did tell me to run out and buy some prenatal vitamins though. hmmmmm..... =)


Lin - May 4

Most doctors recommend that you take prenatals before you get pregnant, so that they're already in your system when you conceive. I'm not pregnant yet, but I've been taking them for 7 months now. They do wonders for your hair and especially your nails. She probably said they don't bother with urine tests, because the ones doctors normally use aren't particularly sensitive. It's not uncommon for many an eager woman to find out she's pregnant with a very sensitive test, go to the doctor and get a negative urine test, only to go back later for the blood test to be positive. Good luck ladies!


Shannone - May 9

HI Ladies, Pretty much in the same boat here. Its a wait and see game. I wasnt feeling good and had some early signs, I have a 2 & 3 yrs old so I know. Took a total of 9 HPT on differnent days, different brands, all POS! Went to doc and have had 3 neg blood test. My husband thinks I have lost my mind but I feel pregnant. I'm not sure but I think I'm about 2 months late now. Had some bleeding a few weeks ago but only lasted 2 days with cloting but no cramps. Did I miscarrie? I have no idea. My family dr told me to come back in July for my yearly check-up and she would take more blood then... I guess I am on my own for now but if a baby pops out at x-mas time, wont they be feeling stupid!!



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