Anyone Fear Miscarriage

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Chas - February 26

Hi all ! As a lot of you know, I just found out I was pregnant. We have been ttc for 14 months, we have wanted it for so long and now that it has happened, it just doesn't seem real. I am about 4 wks and really no symptoms, a little cramping here and there. I am soo scared of it not being real, and miscarrying or something. Does everyone feel this way? or is it just me??? I am soo happy about the pregnancy, but I can't get this fear out of my head. Maybe once I really realize it IS real, maybe I will feel different ?!? ANyone else feel like this ???


Robyn - February 27

Hi Chas! Congrats on your BFP!!! I also just found out this weekend that we are PG with our first! I am right there with you on regards to worrying about a miscarriage. I have actually miscarried twice in the last 18 months - so this time its really hard for me to not think about it. But, I'm trying to keep a level head and happy thoughts that this time is the right time. So, you should try not to worry too much about something going wrong, just take it day-by-day and pretty soon you won't be thinking about anything bad at alll! Enjoy your new happiness! Will you be due in late Oct/ early nov? That's when I think I'm due. Have fun!


Chas - February 27

Thanks for the rea__surance Robyn, and sorry about your loss in the past.. How many weeks were the miscarriages, if you don't mind me asking ?? I am going to try and chill out and be happy !


Chas - February 27

and btw, yes... I think I will be due around the first week of Nov. Keep in touch !


Stacey - February 27

Hey Chas... I feel the same way as you. I have some morning sickness, but nothing that makes me REALLY feel pregnant. Maybe once I feel the baby move or something or see an ultrasound... I don't know. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months. You are due a few weeks after me. And try not to worry about miscarriage. As hard as that is to do.


Robyn - February 28

Hi again! Well, I had my 1st miscarriage at 8 weeks, but I didn't know until 12 weeks when we went to hear the heartbeat and couldn't hear anything and the 2nd time was about 5 weeks. Both really early. So, the doc has me on prometrium this time around b/c he couldn't find any particular reasons for the m/c so he thought maybe my uterine lining wasn't thick enough for the egg to implant, so supposedly the prometrium is going to help. I've got my fingers crossed that it works! How have you been feeling? I've been soooo tired and really hungry too. And my back hurts quite often. But i haven't had any morning sickness, thank god! Take care!


Chas - February 28

I have been feeling fine Robyn. My b___bs have started to get a little sore, and I have been ga__sy, but thats about it so far!! Hope I don't get the morning sickness!! yuck. I am hoping maybe I can get to hear a heatbeat at my 8 wk appt. Do you think it could be possible?


AshleyPros - February 28

Congrats on BFP...I have been reading a lot about symptoms, and it is actually really normal to not feel pregnant or to not have symptoms in the early stages, its not something to worry too much about. worrying will cause more stress, which isn't healthy for a mother to be:-/ but it is normal to not feel prego at the beginning, some women never feel pregnant until they start to show, it all depends, each pregnancy is different.


Robyn - February 28

Good to hear we're not feeling any morning sickness, hopefully it will stay that way. I agree with Ashley too, I've heard of many women who don't really feel pg until they get a few more weeks into it. You might be able to hear the hb at 8 wks. But i've heard everyone is different, I guess my dr's office doesn't even check for it until 12 weeks. But with me, I think he'll be doing it earlier, just to give me some piece of mind. Is your first appt. going to be at 8 weeks? I have mine on Mar 9th., I guess I will be almost 6 weeks then, I don't expect to hear the hb yet, but maybe some hcg tests will confirm everything is okay. Take care!


Gem - February 28

Yep me!!! Just found out I am pregnant with 3 pregnancy tests but I keep thinking AF is coming as it is not due for 2 days. I keep thinking that I'm either not really pregnant or that I'm going to have a chemical pregnancy and start bleeding a couple of days after AF is supposed to be due. I am really stressing.


Robyn - February 28

Hey guys, I know its hard, but we can't let ourselves stress about this. And it really helps to realize that if anything does happen, then there is nothing that you could have done to prevent it. Believe me, i have been thru 2 m/c and I'm praying that this one sticks, but I also know that my body knows what is healthy for me and the baby. I wish you all sticky babies and please don't stress! Be happy, enjoy these moments!


Linda99 - March 7

HI everyone, wanted to join in. Robyn, Chas we are on the same schedule, I'm due 11/4, I'm 5wks 3days today. I miscarried in November, that was my first pg. This time I've had my levels checked and they were so good and I was feeling so positive, but now I"ve started to notice that my symptoms are slowing down. My bbs had been very sore and now they're not and my uterine cramping has almost stopped. I'm terrified! Have any of you experienced this and had a healthy pregnancy? Or are you feeling this now too? I have a sono scheduled for tomorrow, the dr. ordered it probably to make me feel better, I was actually thinking maybe it's twins since my levels were so high, now I'm not so sure. Congrats to everyone and wishing you sticky baby dust!


kal - March 7

Hi girls, I hope you dont mind me gatecrashing your thread! I just wanted to say I too am pregnant, 5 wks 2 days due 6th Nov, at first was having cramps but now they have stopped. I have sore nipples and not b___bs and only feel slightly sick. I have PCOS and so have a higher risk of miscarriage. Im very very nervous its hard not to stess about the "M" word. I really am wishing us all sticky babes!! Kate


Linda99 - March 8

Hi Kal, lots of sticky dust to you too! Robyn, just wanted to wish you luck with your sono today. Chas how are you feeling today? My bbs are sore again, it's coming and going, so are the uterine cramps. I'll go for hours feeling nothing and then it starts up again. I feel a little better than I did yesterday though. I'm excited for my sono today, but also frustrated because there isn't much to see at 5 1/2 weeks. Well everyone, wish me luck!


Linda99 - March 9

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know my sono went well. Of course they didn't actually tell me anything, I have to wait until the dr. sees the results but I saw the screen and she pointed out the gestational sac, the yolk sac and the fetal pole. I even have a picture! This is terrific as far I'm concerned. When I mc'd and they did the sono it just looked like a blood clot about the size of a pea, this time (and I'm a few days ahead of where I was last time) it really looks like it's developing. Hopefully when I see the ob today he'll have the actual results and schedule me for another sono in about a week and 1/2 so we can see the heartbeat. I am 5.5 weeks today. Feeling pretty good, little bit of ms. My bbs hurt on and off now, I've gotten used to it so it's not as scary anymore. My cramping comes and goes too. Had some lower back ache and the constipation is starting too. I welcome it all!


Chas - March 9

Hi linda! I am 6 wks now. I won't have my first doc appt until 8 wks - march 20th! I am counting the days! I want to tell my family soo bad!! I am having tremendously sore b___sts! they hurt so bad, I am having to wear a bra to bed most nights and it's uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach! I haven't had any cramping, although it seems like everything I eat makes me ga__sy !! I hate that feeling. I have also been saying a lot of prayers! I am praying for a healthy nine months, and I am so hoping I can see a heartbeat at my appt.


Chas - March 9

Linda, who does your sono ?? do you see a FNP first, and then get the doc to look at the results? that's nerve racking! more waiting! I will be seeing a FNP for my first appt.



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