Anyone Felt These Symptoms During Pg

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Becky - December 10

I have 2 sons so you would think by now I'd know these answers!! My husband and I are ttc #3...I ovulated around Nov. 29th and had s_x the 26th,27th,28th,29th and 30th. I'm not sure how many of my symptoms are wishful thinking but here goes...2-3 days after ovulation i had this light pink gooey discharge only when wiping-it happenned twice one day and once the next. Since the day of ovulation and for many days since, I feel feverish-it seems low grade but enough that I notice the change in body temperature (face is flushed and warm-even when I'm just sitting still) Also I had this strange twinging pain my lower left back and pelvis area. This comes and goes. I'm also VERY gassy and going #2 a lot-and sometimes it seems loose. (sorry tmi) I'm not sick at all-I mean I know it's not a virus or anything. I've had tons of headaches that are lasting very long...and I feel kinda c__ppy. Almost like I was getting a cold but it never comes! I feel tired but not like I did when I was pg with my other 2. And today as I was just sitting at work, I got this very warm feeling and felt a little queasy-nowhere near vomitting but enough to notice it and I've had it twice this evening. My period should be due in 4 days (the 14th) and normally I have some sort of pms cramping but so far nothing...just small pains in my lower left pelvis. Has anyone had any of these and actually wound up pg? I hate to think my mind is playing tricks on me so I was just curious...Thanks so much in advance!!


nahid - December 10

My expected period date was8th of december and I have the same symtoms as u. I don't know ehether I am pregnant or not


s - December 11

BECKY! Your symptoms are VERY similar to mine... for the past week, I've gone #2 so much I cannot believe it, I'm ga__sy... I've had the warm feeling that you are describing... it was yesterday and I thought I was going to be sick right then and there, but it went away after I sat still for a few minutes. I have a little cramping now, I'm 3 days late, but it feels like cramps from the diarrhea. I can't sleep worth a c___p.. I have pings on my rt side (pelvis)... I took a prego test yesterday, it was negative, but we don't believe it was right... I think that I'm going to take another test by Wed if my period doesn't come. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me too, and then the next sec I take a HPT, I will get my period. I have not had kids yet, we have been trying for about 3mo as of today. Good luck and keep me updated! Sarah


Surfemme - December 11

I am experiencing the exact the sympthoms. Mybe just wishfull thinking but we have just started ttc #1 this month. Could I be??? Best wishes.


Becky - December 11

Sarah any news? I saw u were gonna re-test weds but if u are anything like me, u couldn't wait! ha then again I would test every 5 min if i could-as pointless as it is! Anyway I am really ga__sy and bloated-it's bothering me a lot. Anyone else having that symptom? I tested this morning, which is 3 days b4 af is due, but it was negative. It was with the First Response test. I don't know if it was too early or what but I guess I will wait til this coming week and see if AF arrives...I hope not! Anyone else??



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