Anyone From VA

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Naysa - October 14

This is our first mo ttc.Just wanted to see if any of u guys fromViginia.Waiting to see if AF comes on 25th(hope not)...This takes patience,right!


Naysa - October 14

(Sorry) Virginia.


Jersey - October 18

im from va


KB - October 18

I'm from Williamsburg, VA...


Jersey - October 18

hi kb im from norfolk how long have u been ttc?


to naysa - October 18

which part of va, ilive in fairfax


Naysa - October 18

Hey everyone!I'm from a small town called Louisa.Anyone got BFP???BABY*DUST 2 all!


luvbb - October 20

hey, I grew up in Bumpa__s!!!


Naysa - October 20

No way!Do u still live in Va???


TO Jersey - October 21

I haven't actually been ttc - but I think I may have. :)


luvbb - October 21

yes, but not in Louisa Co. Now we live in Charlotte Co. We moved when I was a Jr. in High School! I still kit with some of my old friends though!!!Louisa will always be my hometown!!!!


Naysa - October 21

I guess u heard about the Lions being 6-0 this season!!!They r doing so good.What yr did u move?


luvbb - October 21

wow! We moved in 1996!


ErinH - October 25

im from virginia as well. born and raised in va beach. but currentlt living in norfolk. me and dh have been ttc for about 1yr now. i miscarried 2 times :(.. but were till trying!


luvbb - October 25

hi ErinH! Sorry about ur miscarriages! I had a chem. pregnancy last year, and I know that was even hard to deal with! We have only been ttc now for 1 month! I got a bfp on the clearblue test sat. But I am scared to test again or go to the dr. yet, fear that the same thing will happen again!!! Good luck to u!!!!!


arieslove - October 27

I from VA, I live in Reston... I have an appt. on the 9th of Nov. My LMP was 08/21/05. I tested 3 times in Sept. and got all BFNs. But here it is 10/27/05 and AF still is not here. I am praying that my doctor has some good news for me!!!


Jersey - October 27

hi erinhh, i live in norfolk too. what part??? i live in willoughby.



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