Anyone Get Cramps Which Resulted In BFP

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pitter_patter - January 6

anyone get cramps in the lower ab center region (tuggin/stretchin pain) right after ovulation and got bfp? if so, how long did the cramping last? mine lasted for about 4 days and now its just an "uneasy" feeling in the lower ab/uterus area.


Taneika - January 6

Yes, I did. I was cramping for a week right before af was supposed to start. I got my BFP a week after that. I am now 5 weeks and still cramp occa__sionally, but it's not bad.


pitter_patter - January 6

oh congratulations!!!! i will be testing sometime next week. I'm suppose to be getting my AF end of next week. Hopefully i'll get a bfp too ;-) any other symptoms?


kari - January 6

I have been cramping this morning started again. I cramped all day yesterday which was 4dpo. The uneasy feeling is what I have now and the cramping is off and is so wierd. I am not supposed to start af until the these kinds of cramps this early is very different.


chriss - January 6

kari, I have been having these same feelings, not so much cramping but weird tugging feelings. I am alos 4 dpo and af is due the 19th as well. I am positive of the date of O because I've been using ovul predictor strips and so I know this isn't related to O......... also having some pain in bbs, but this is normal after O for me.


kari - January 6

Well we can wait this out together then! See I remember when my c was high and soft and now it is med and soft....I feel like I am about to start any second....not a wonderful feeling at all....but if it is from something else, like a little peanut getting settled in then C'MON CRAMPING LOL


pitter_patter - January 6

gosh i just stepped into the elevator and work and almost threw up from the various smells....yuck... my AF is due end of next week. I hope AF goes on vacation ;-)


AmandaMoo - January 6

Hi! I have had cramps since after Xmas. I still havent gotten af or bfp. I am not sure when I O'd. I am on cd 35 today which is the longest cycle that I have ever had. I usually have 29 day cycles. I did have a 35 day one once so tomorrow I will say that I am officially late. Anyway, I have been cramping a lot but they are only mild. My cp lowered for about 4 days and now it is high again so I hope that is a good sign.


canadagirl - January 6

amandaMoo...this is cd 31/29 for me also, but like you I have had a couple longer cycles, but i am cramping on and of, I have done 2 test, which was BFN..but we have to remember some women take longer to come up positive....I also had cramping with my first child, so don't give up this could be a sign for you..I hope you get your bfp soon.


Saird - January 6

I am also on CD 34/35, and am having lots of cramping. Driving me crazy. NO Af yet.


shellybelly - January 6

omg yea..i am about 8 days late for AF no BFP yet :( but the cramping has been unbelievable in the lower ab and side areas..sometimes it gets bad, its deff a weird feeling doesnt really feel like PMS cramping...i have had cramping about a week now...hopefully we will get BFP!!



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