Anyone Get Pregnant With Just One Well Timed BabyDance

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gcmickens - December 20

Hi ladies, just wondering, has anyone out there recently (or not so recently)gotten pregnant with one generous amount of sperm at just the right time? Just need some encouragement (hope) for this month.... TXS!


Crystal - December 22

Hi! I just got my BFP, and my husband and I only Bd once during my fertile days. Hope this helps and Baby Dust to you!


jeanette - December 22

Cool crystal, congrats!! Hey, why is your name in dark pink??


gcmickens - December 22

Crystal - CONGRATULATIONS! How many months had you and dh been trying? You must be on cloud nine, and what a wonderful Christmas gift this is to you and dh! Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for the encouraging words - do you remember what day (after 1st day of AF) you did the deed LOL? My af was 12/5 to 12/09 and we bd'ed on day 12, 12/17. My cycle is 26 to 28 days - Any details would be much appreciated to give me hope for this month... again thanks and happy and suffer-free pregnancy!


Crystal - December 22

gcmickens - My husband and I had only been ttc for two months. My dh and I bd on the 14th day after the first day of AF. I was using an opk and it showed I was starting to get fertile on saturday, but we did not bd until that monday. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!


amberb - December 26

I just wanted to say, my dh and i only bd once due to me being sick with a nasty UTI and it was two days before O... i got my bfp yesterday morning, it was a very merry christmas :-) good luck!


gcmickens - December 27

Congrats Amberb! Which day in your cycle did you bd? We did it on day 12 - do you think I have a chance? How long is your cycle and when did your last af start? Sorry to bother you.... :-)


amberb - December 27

No bother at all :-) , my cycle is 25 days long and we bd on cd 11...O was on cd 13. Last AF started 12/1 and ended 12/4. I would think you should definitely have a chance....GOOD LUCK!!!


gcmickens - December 27

wow - so you found out just 26 days after first day of your last af! That's awesome! I could get af any day now, but won't test until day 28, Jan. 2 2006! Still a week of hope - thanks for your good wishes and happy pregnancy!


Seredetia - December 28

I had my AF on Dec 4th and my fiancee and I bd'd on the 7th. My AF ended ubruptly when we bd'd (yes, I was still on AF!). We bd'd only once or twice more after that (goodness if I remember when. We aren't trying to get pregnant!!), but I started feeling really bloated and tired beginning the 19th. It hasn't stopped since. I'm vomiting, my abdomen is swollen, I'm craving tacos (I like tacos, but I've been having them EVERY day for the last 3 days), I'm ga__sy (sorry ladies), and I'm SO tired...I can't even function without a nap. I have no clue on my cycles, but I know it's possible to get preg. on AF...can I be feeling things THIS soon?? OH, and my bb's are very swollen (not a usual thing for me to have before AF). I am do for my next AF around the 4th or 5th. Anyone think it's possible??



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