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Erin - February 27

ok, here's the long story and if you know ANYTHING about any part of it, please respond. I have been plotting my BBT and my temp increased after I ovulated, then I had a dip after 7 days (Possible sign of implantation) and then it increased again to a third level for 19 days total after ovulation. I got my period which was heavy and watery the first day. The following 3 days it was very light. It was all about 2 days shorter than usual. When I got my period, my temp dropped, and 4 days later it is a little higher than it is supposed to be, but not as high as it right before my period. I have been feeling nauseous, tired, bloated, and my br___t are sore (But that could be from my period) My cervix is softer and higher than usual as well. Does anyone have any information or suggestions about this? I took HPTs 1 day before my period actually came and it was neg, but could i actually be pregnant? I know this is long, but if anyone can share anything, I would appreciate it.


MandyD - February 27

Hi Erin, you definitely have several symptoms of pregnancy, including the soft/high cervix. I think you may have tested too early...even the sensitive tests can't always tell early whether or not you are pregnant. I'd test again if it has been over a week since your missed AF. Good luck!


Erin - February 27

Hi Mandy, I did get my af, but it was 7 days late and a little different than normal. Once af finally came is when i really started to get symptoms. now af is gone and I still have symptoms. I tested 6 days after af was scheduled to come and it was negative. But maybe it was too early. Do you know anyone that this has happened to? Did it turn out that they were actually pregnant?


bump - February 28



. - February 28



:) - February 28

well i have that happening to me right now same situation i tested to see if i was pregnant it came out negative and later that night i got my periodd but its weird it started really light then heavy its just different and im still getting stomach pains like i was before i got my period me and my fiance r trying to have a baby so let me know if u find anything further i really wish i could be pregnant but i have a doubt its possible also we tried a week before i started so is it possible that i could be pregnant even if im on my period? someone please help!!!


Hi ladies - March 3

Did anything happen since the last posts?


Erin - March 3

No, i think I just make myself go crazy and I don't ever want to give up hope. I do this to myself every month and I don't know why. I just need to accept that when I get my period, that is that, and we have to try again the next month. :-(


Tanya - March 3

I feel where you're coming from Erin. I too refuse to let go when my AF comes. Convincing myself it's just that I'm having a period whilst still being pregnant! Oh, the things we ladies do! I wish you the best of luck x


enail - March 4

Erin: I had what seemed like AF and was pregnant. I had 2 days of very heavy bleeding and then it stopped. (I was past due by a few days, had taken a pg test, which was negative 5 days before) The following week, I started bleeding a little. It seemed weird, so I took a pg test. It was positive and confirmed by the doctor. Unfortunately, my bleeding got worse and I had a m/c. The doctor said I was 5-6 weeks pg. I don't know why I had that period. Maybe hormone levels were too low?



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