Anyone Had Full Term Pregnancy After Multiple Miscarriages

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~m~ - March 10

Many of you may already know my story.....I have had 4 miscarriages since hubby and I started ttc last August. The problem is not with fertility, per se, as I get pregnant every time we try. But for some reason, they won't hold. My doc has finally ran tests and hopefully we will get to the cause. However, I still find myself having days where I think I am too scared to try again. At this point, I feel like there is no end to it. I was wondering if anyone out there has had a healthy full term pregnancy after multiple miscarriage? If so, did it take something special to make it hold? I have read that many women were able to do it with the help of aspirin and/or Prometrium. Anyone with multiple miscarriages care to share? I'm just curious as to what kinds of things helped everyone else... or if any "help" was even needed for some of you. Thanks for sharing! (also posting in General Pregnancy Questions)


mulgajill - March 10

If Sugarpie is around she knows a bit about the baby aspirin, there has been a lot of success with it. I am taking it this round (hopefully i am preggas... just waiting).... and yes, lots of people have health pregnancies after m/c. I had two in a row a few years back then big fat pregnacy.... good luck... ***babydust*** to you


~m~ - March 11

SugarPie, are you out there? Anyone else had this experience, or know something about it? :o)


~m~ - March 11

And thanks mulgajill. I mean to say that, but I got ahead of myself! I'm glad to know you had a successful pregnancy after multiple m/c. I hope you are preggo!!


~m~ - March 11

Oops, that should say "I meanT to say that"..... I think I'm in too big of a hurry today!


Liz - March 11

My favorite cousin had 3 miscarriages after her 1st pregnancy. She finally gave up after 10 years and felt lucky to have one healthy great kid and VOILA she got preg. at 35 and has 2 healthy great kids now. Best of luck to you and I really mean it! You will get your number three.


~m~ - March 11

Thanks Liz for that story!! I'm happy for your cousin! Maybe I will get my happy ending too! :o)


Liz - March 11

You are MORE then welcome ~m~. She didn't even tell anyone for 4 months because she was scared to death it wouldn't work out again. I just think it's so odd (and VERY sad) to be able to have one healthy (or 2 in your case) preg. and then trouble after that. Again best of luck and keep us posted! : ) I will be watching for you(not in a stalker way : ) to get a BFP and a big fat baby!!!!


~m~ - March 11

LOL on the stalker comment! I will definitely shout it out when I get a BFP! :o) Thanks again!


SugarPie - March 11

~M~ I posted a whole link for you thta deals with the miscarriage thing. Remember I told you about the special tests and all this info on that site? Well I think you were gone when I posted it. When I get back home (right now at the office) I'll repost it. Or you can go some days back to find it. That said, you know my story... but interestingly enough my ex-boyfriend's sister in law had many multiple miscarriages. I'm talking like 10 in a span of a year and a half. Anyway, she finally got preggers and it held. They have a beautiful baby who is almost two. Mid way through last year they tried again to have a sibling for their daughter and they kept having miscarriages. Strangest thing. Right now though she's like five months preggers. So it does absolutely happen. For what reason I don't know. Honestly, I think that the body is so drained from pregnancy to pregnancy that there isn't enough build up of calcium and other vitamins in the body. It is crucial to replenish in order to be able to carry. I realized that after all the miscarriages I have had. Anyway, I know you're totally apprehensive, but you've got to put the fear aside and go for it! I too am extremely fertile. Knocked up every d__n month it seemed, but you know what helped me get through? I stopped looking at the miscarriages as "losing" a child. And I know this may sound controversial, but I started to look at it more as a physical process. It may sound sick, but after a while you just can't grieve any longer. It is so draining emotionally and spiritually and takes a toll on your relationship with your husband. I also started doing something that I've read other women have done. I started worship'ing my body. I started telling my body that it was beautiful, strong and healthy and that it was going to carry a beautiful child full term. I started envisioning it... and doing a series of other things instead of hating my body and being so incredibly angry with it for losing the pregnancies. I think that might help as well and will push out the fear that you might be holding. That said, I'll send the link some time tonight or when I wake up in the morning. When I found the site and read it.. I was in total shock!!! It was me to a T. Also, what is your blood type? Are you Rh-? Just asking because that could have something to do with the multiple miscarriages. Much love*****


~m~ - March 11

SugarPie, thank you so much! The things you say send chills to me. You are so sincere and so kind! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the stress and hating my body, etc. That is soooo how I feel. I like the way you see things, and I am going to look at it that way too. I'm not sure about my Rh. When my doc calls me (next week I hope) with my blood test results, I'll ask him. Do you remember the name of that thread where that link was? If not, that's ok. I'll search around. Thanks again gal-pal! :o)


SugarPie - March 11

~m~ I just wanted to get these links off to you. I'm so d__n tired, but this is important. Here's the first link: There is a dash between repro and Here's the second link: and here's the third:


bumpity - March 12



~m~ - March 12

SugarPie, thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciate you staying up later than you were going to, to help me! This is all so helpful. I'm about to get started reading it all. I'll be back Monday.... have a great weekend!


jules - May 16

I had 5 miscrarriages in three years. Now I am 5 months pregnant. I saw many doctors, had many tests and no explantation was found. The only thing my doctor told me to try and that's what we did was aspirin every day (81mg) and shot of fragmin (2,500 units because I am thin) every day. I also was on progesterone suppositories (2 sup 100 mg each every day) till week 14. Even though I did all that I had cramping in the first trimester all the time and I spotted two times. After spotting first time I was put on complete bedrest till the end of 14 weeks. I spotted second time when I decided to take a bus ride to school. By the time I got there I started spotting. After that I decided to stay in bed as much as possible. Also no s_x. I am scared all the time but hopeful. I wish you good luck and I am very sorry for your losses.


hey - May 16

Whatever happen to ~m~ and sugarpie? ~m~ I hope you are expecting. Sugarpie, Did you ever find out if you were pregnant or not? Hopefully You both are pregnant. Baby Dust


Emma - July 5

Hi (I am in the UK) I am currrently 11 wks on pregnancy no 6 after 5 miscarriages, and i am on Fragmin injections twice daily, plus aspirin. This si cos they think i get blood clots developing in my placenta. Fingers crossed, it wont be an easy journey. All I can do is hope and pray. I wish you luck, and sorry to hear of your losses. x



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