Anyone Had Little Cm Before Af Amp Been Pg

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Very anxious - April 14

I've heard that if you have lots of cm before af is due than you are probably pg. Af is due for me on 4-19, and right now I am somewhat dry. I am having many other pg symptoms though and I really think I am pg. I just have a gut feeling. Please say there is someone out there who has also been dry and pg. Maybe it is suppose it increase in the next day or so???


hopeful - April 15

i m feelin kindof dry too & keepin my fingers cross tis sun tat i can b tested +ve .. care to share ur symptons? do u hv cramps? i m having tat at least once or twice & normally at nite.


Michelle W - April 15

Very anxious, to put your mind at ease I'm 6 weeks pregnant and still have very little CM (and I never had a lot of CM with my other pregnancies). I have read that a lot of CM is a good sign but I have also read on this forum that a lot of women have had a lot of CM and not been pregnant. I don't think it is reliable sign at all. Baby dust to you.


ruth - April 15

Hi very anxious,I too have very little cm,I am due AF on 4-18.what other symptoms do you have?? I am happy to be a waiting buddy with you.It a long haul waiting.


Lynn - April 15

Hey anxious, I was wondering the same, I think I am later for AF but not too sure. Last month cycle was 34 days, before that it it had been 30 days for the last 3 months prior. Today I am at day 33 and No AF. Ireally feel pregnant.Lots and lots of cramps and peeing all the time, I just do not feel right, anyway to the point, I am dry as a bone, no CM!! I am hoping this does not matter, in my heart I feel this is the month!! Good Luck to you!!!


aurelia - April 15

hi...i m due for AF on 04-18...b___sts not sore...juz feelin its tender n heavy..but lower tummi keep feelin pain...hope i get gd news...3 more days to go...


very anxious - April 15

Thank you so much for all of your inputs. I guess your right a lot of people on this site have had lots of cm and af still came. I just really do have a gut feeling that I am pg, and that was the only symptom I wasn't having. My b___st aren't really sore either, but they are much larger. They used to swell and become very sore before every cycle and then I had my son and they don't anymore, so I'm not sure if they would be sore if I'm pg now. However you can see my veins in them big time and that deffintely doesn't happen every month. I'm also feeling a little nauseous and very tired. The tiredness could be from my 2 1/2 year old though. He's a handfull. I've also been getting a lot of headaches lately. I don't normally get those at all. Maybe I'm just stressed, I don't know. I also am keeping track of my temps and they remain high at this point. Oh yeah, one confusing one that I've never had before is that I had 3 days of brown spotting last week. I thought I was starting my period early or something, but I would just spot once or twice a day and it would stop. It is gone now. I had very minor cramping with that. That you so much for your responses and lots and lots of baby dust to you all. Good luck and keep us posted on your results.


ruth - April 16

Hi anxious,It sounds really quite hopeful for you.The brown spotting could be implantation,so loads of baby dust to you...


very anxious - April 16

I just wanted to let you guys know that evidenty you do not have to lots of cm to be pg because I just got a BFP. Its light but it's there. I'm so excited! Thank you so much for your help and good luck and loads of baby dust to you. Ruth- when are you going to test? Af was due for you a day earlier than me. I really can't believe that it showed up so early for me. Maybe I'm a little further along than I thought. Anyway please let us know how things turn out for you. What symptoms are you having?


ruth - April 17

Hi anxious,I am so pleased for you it is great news!!! I went to the shop today and i bought a test. im due Af tomorrow but im a little scared to do it as i have been ttc for 7mths with no luck.My symptoms are feeling very tired(needing a nap during the day)and being bloated for the last week and very sore b___sts.I have had some white cm today and a heavy feeling low in my tummy but no feeling of AF.I may test tomorrow as my mc is normally 27-28 days but am a lot scared.


Megan - April 17

Hey Ruth, I am due for AF on 4/19. Hoping your is positive!


Ruth - April 17

Thanks everyone!! Well i bit the bullet this morning and took the test and it was a very BFP+++ MY hubby and i are so excited.We have just emergrated from uk to oz and the in laws are due for a holiday in 2 days (for 6 weeks) So this will make there hol.Thanks to all of you. All the best Megan fingers crossed for you.Let us know how you go.Anxious How hows it going?


very anxious - April 17

Oh Ruth, that's wonderful. I am so excited for you & your hubby. Well that's 2 that ended up pg without a lot of cm. However, I have had a good bit more today. I have also been so so so tired today. No complaining though, it's for a great reason. Congratulations again!!! Megan- We hope to hear good news from you as well very soon. Good luck and tons of baby dust to you!!!


hopeful - April 17

congrats to Very anxious & Ruth .. i was like u Ruth, ttc for almost 7 mths & none yet .. jus tested tis 17Apr & still BFN. perhaps too early for a wk late only? fr last nite to ti mornin, i felt a sudden headache. i m keepin my fingers cross really to b pregnant. my first babe was detected fr urine test when he's 6th wks, seen fr the scan 7th wk .. i can only hope. really happy for u gals tat came back w the posting tat u r BFP, i hope i can do tis too! all the best & take the best care.


Ruth - April 18

Thank you so much Hopeful,I hope all goes well for you as i know how it is to wait such a long time ttc.Take care too and it will happen...I also need a bit of advise from you gals if poss.My best friend has just been through IVF and had her embrios put back last friday.She will not get a pg test until nxt thurs and last time she did it it was BFN.I dont know if i should tell her about me now or to wait until after her test.She will guess soon as we spend alot of time together.What do you think i should do??? Its a tuffy!!!


hopeful - April 18

hi ruth, my opinion will b tell her. if she's ur gd fren, she'll b happy together w u! imagine we here tat do not see each/know other & merely postings, we r happy too when anyone got a BFP despite ourselves ttc for mths or yrs .. it's a mutual support to hv & i bet she needs urs too!


Ruth - April 18

Hopeful,Thank you so much.I thought it would be best to tell her too.I just care alot for my friend and as she was upset last time she did IVF i just needed someone elses opinion.Thanks again



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