Anyone Have AF Symptoms And A BFP

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Krista - August 29

So I have alllllll these AF symptoms, but preg symptoms too. I'm having cramps JUST like AF, and I'm due in 3 days. I was just wondering if anyone went through the same thing and still came out with a BFP.


Krista K - August 29

hi krista, i like your name! :) i'm going through the same thing you are right now. i'm due for af in a few days but i've been having pg symtoms in the last week and today i just started getting bloated. i really hope that's not pms!!! i hope you're pregnant! let me know how it goes for ya!


mel - August 29

i was very bloated and crampy for the whole week before af was due. took a test the day she should have been here and got a perfectly clear bfp!!! also, look for sensitive nipples and lightheadedness...that's what i got within the first weeks of my pregnancy. good luck guys!!


krista k - August 29

i've had the light headedness this week really bad with being tired. oh i hope i'm pregnant. i know the beginning of this month i had really itchy nipples, yeah weird. but i did see someone else who had that as well for a symptom. i just dont understand why they would be itchy i mean it was crazy itchy. they havent done that in weeks now though. mel, when did you get your bfp???


The other Krista - August 30

I like your name too! I don't want to get my hopes up at all, but MAN i want to be pg! Its hard to tell if my nipples are any more sensitive than usual. My right one is completely paralyzed because when I was younger I pierced it, and now I can't feel a thing. My other b___b is sore, and that nipple was itchy for a couple days. I've been soooo tired! I NEVER take naps and yesterday I took a 4 hour one, and today I took a 5 hour one. And I'm STILL exausted. But now I'm having insomnia and can't sleep. I've been having really crazy dreams too, remembering every single detail. But af cramps are definitely setting in. I always get back cramps, and I've had those for about a week. The gas isn't going away though. I don't really have any discharge, which is a little unusual for me because I usually do. Ahhhh I hate waiting! When are you testing Krista K? I think I'm going to test Saturday if no af.


b - August 30



- August 30



Alison - August 30

I thought for sure I was getting af the other night, abd. cramps radiated so bad through to my back, I thought I would wake to af the next am. then nothing came, I had mild cramps a few days before that, but I knew that could have been pms too. the only wierd thing was that I never get cramps that early before af, maybe the evening before, so when I didn't get af I seriously wondered. Turns out I am preggo, af was due today ++ test!


Jen - August 30

I'm also experiencing some AF like cramping and I'm not due for 3 days. I keep running to the bathroom because I think AF has arrived. I've also had an increase in CM so I don't know whats going on. I'm 9 dpo. So I don't know if these are immplantaion cramps. But I'm hopeful!


mel - August 30

i got my bfp 8/3....i'm so excited!!! i also had headaches and my back hurt like af was coming. hope you all get bfp's!!!


Krista - August 30

Mel that is awesome!!! I got extremely nauseous today, and really light headed. Also noticed for the first time a creamy, white cm. My period is due in two days (sept 1, also my birthday!) So i'm hoping for the best bday present ever!! How many DPO did you get your BFP Mel? I tested this morning with a BFN ;o(


Swanofspeedys - September 1

Happy Birthday Krista.


Elisa - September 1

Hi, I'm new to this message board. I've been trying to get pregnant for the 2nd time since luck yet. My cycles are regular but I've started spotting before my period (3 to 4 days) which is not always a good thing. I'm due for period 9/4 and started having cramps 8/28 - way too early...then yesterday spotting. Hoping it's implantation spotting...but doubt it…. Never had that w/ first one. Please fill me in on the codes - AF is period but what does it stand for? Thanks!


Steph - September 1

AF is Aunt Flo; DPO is days past ovulation;


Krista - September 1

Still no period today! I'm so excited! I want to test, but I'm scared. AF stands for Aunt Flo, Elise. CM is cervical mucous, pg is pregnant, bfp is big fat positive, bfn- big fat negative. ewcm- egg white cervical mucous. Or you having any other cramps or discomforts? Spotting is always promising ;o)


Elisa - September 1

Hi Krista, Congratulations! When was your AF due? I am having cramping...which I usually don't get until the day of my AF. Do you really think the spotting is a good thing? I never had it when I got pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago.


Amy - September 1

Hi all! Elisa--I'm no expert, but I understand that a woman can have very different experiences with each pregnancy, so you really can't compare your symptoms with one to the next. I've been TTC (trying to conceive) #1 since March with no luck yet. I'm now 6 DPO and had some ever-so-subtle spotting yesterday and mild cramping yesterday and today, which is odd given that the spotting I usually have is at 10-12 DPO, right before AF. Here's hoping.... A question for you all: does anyone have a lot of wetness from ovulation to AF? I know it's not uncommon right before AF (the water content of the endometrium), but I haven't figured out if it's normal to have it more than a week earlier. It's not just CM but also a very wet v____al sensation -- even wetter than what I get just before ovulation.



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