Anyone Have Experience With HCG Levels

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Jena - March 29

Hi, I am 16 days late and I am "technically" pregnant - but my hCG levels are REALLY low... At 9 days late my hCG level was a 2 and they retested two days later and it was a 12. Still ridiculously low unless I had JUST gotten preggo - but I was already 9 days late! Yesterday I had another blood test and found out today I was a 214. So, it's really climbing. BUT for my LMP being 2/16, it's dangerously low. Does anyone know if it is possible that I got pregnant at the very END of my cycle and thus I am only 2-3 weeks along?


Erin - March 29

What did your Dr say?


layla - March 29

You could have ov late or implantation could have been late that is what my DR. speculated for my first pregnancy. Good thing is your #'s are really increasing!


Alexis - March 29

I think as long as your numbers are increasing that is a very good sign. I'd be worried if they were high and then started dropping. Good Luck and I hope that you and baby stay healthy.


jena - March 29

My Dr. is on vacation - of course, right? :) The nurse says I'm pregnant, but they are very, very cautious about it - and at first said it was probably not viable... so I'm kind of fighting to see the "on-call" doctor before my real doctor gets back - it's hard though because I don't really think they CAN know - either I ovulated late and I'm fine or I ovulated on time and I'm set to miscarry... I don't know but thanks so much for the support!!!


erica - March 29

Jena, everything is going to be fine. If your numbers are rising that means everything is okay. Implantation was late. There's times that conceive that it doesn't implant for about 12 days.


Alexis - March 29

Hey I found this for you from conception from LMP (mIU/ML or IU/L) 7 days 3 weeks 0 to 5 14 days 28 days 3 to 426 21 days 35 days 18 to 7,340 28 days 42 days 1080 to 56,500 35 - 42 days 49 - 56 days 7,650 to 229,000 43 - 64 days 57 - 78 days 25,700 to 288,000 57 - 78 days 79 - 100 days 13,300 to 253,000 17 - 24 weeks 2nd trimester 4060 to 65,400 25 wks to term 3rd trimester 3640 to 117,000 After several days postpartum nonpregnant levels (<5)" It goes as days following conception to days from LPM and the hcg level that is expected. Hope this helped a bit.


Grandpa Viv - March 29 is my reference on this. Your 2 reading was technically a "no way", and my thought is that your only sign at that moment was a late period. You must have been persistent to get a second test. That showed your hCG increasing by a factor of 6 in 2 days, more than the normal doubling. In the next week you increased 16-fold, more than the normal quadrupling. Your rate of hCG rise is healthy and consistent with conception a couple of weeks late. I have references showing that there is a 10% probablility of this kind of lag. Your first ultrasound will tell you if this is what happened. Good luck!


jena - March 30

THANK you - I LOVE you guys!!!! Alexis, Erica, Grandpa Viv - you are wonderful and so helpful. I have researched so much but it's nothing compared to the advice and support from you guys. Grandpa Viv, did you mean there's a 10% chance that this happens or that I have a 10% chance of going on to have a successful pregnancy? Hopefully the former! I'm only 24 (well, almost 24) so I know I have time, but this is so important to us to start an early family, plus my Grandpa pa__sed away this month and how special would that be to have conceived the same month he pa__sed? If I am successful and it's a boy -it will carry his name. THANK YOU again! Keep 'em coming if you can :). I love you guys and this site!!!!


jena - March 30

P.S. - no, after I got the 2 - exactly - technically a "no way" especially since I was 9 days late at the time - THEY pressed for another test - got to love my doctor for that...


Alexis - March 30

Good luck Jena I think it's very promising that your numbers are rising. You probably did conceive later then you expected. When is your next Dr. appt?


Jena - March 30

I have another blood test today - but my doc is out of town, so I'm just dealing with the nurses and seeing those precious #'s!


erica - March 30

Jena, everything is going to be fine. Relax don't stress out. Stress makes it worse on your baby. Take some time off everything and just lay down and watch TV or listen to music or even read a book.


jena - March 30

erica - thank you. hey i'm just curious about the 12-day wait for implantation - but maybe just getting my hopes up :)


erica - March 30

There is a such thing about late implantation and ovulating late. So don't worry as long as your not bleeding or cramping.


Layla - March 30

I've read that implantation can take as long as 14 days to implant in ~10% of women. I do alot of searching on the net and definately read it so, it could be in your case. That could very well have been the same with me during my first PG. I don't OV late and my dr hmmmed over the calculated fetal gestation. Had a perfect baby girl!


Pam - March 30

Jena- Keep us updated with your numbers. I pray everything works out. Sometimes we read so much and over educate ourselves to the point of insanity. When I was talking to some of friends (who had, had children) they all looked at me like I was talking another language. Most people take a HPT and it says positive, get a blood a test to confirm and never dream of asking what number they are at. Because they don't know anything about it. All of us on this forum are so over educated on this stuff that we make ourselves crazy. Who ever said ignorance is bliss was so right. Just relax and as hard as it is, don't think about it. Carry on like your a pregnant woman. I'm praying for you.



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