Anyone Have Heartburn

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Steph - August 26

AF is due to rear her ugly face on 8-31/9-1 and I got heartburn this morning! I never get it and can eat and drink anything I want....any of you ladies who are pregnant or remember it with your past early early symptoms have a suggestion? It's been 8 years since I was I feel as if I'm doing it all as a newbie!! Thanks


... - August 26



Steph - August 26

Not a soul?


Kristi - August 26

I've never had heartburn, so I'm not quite sure what it feel likes. But I did get some discomfort in my chest area this morning too. I have heard heartburn can be an early sign of pregnancy. I'm due 8-31/9-1 too!


Emily - August 26

Igot really bad heartburn right before I was supposed to start my period. I took a test and I was PG. But it could have been something you ate-I say take a test when you should start your period.


Stephanie - August 26

I haven't had anything to eat today except some I don't know what the issue is..


Christa - August 26

I have been having mild heartburn off and on for the past few weeks. I just found out that I'm 5 weeks pg. I'm not sure if it's related to my pregnancy, but I hope this helps.


Alison - August 27

same thing with me, last night while getting ready for bed I noticed that burn, i'd been burpy all day with no burn, but then heartburn. I had brutal HB with my previous PG's but never do I have it normally- I don't remember it begining this early with my others, but I do know it has to do with (in early PG anyway, later the expanding uterus tilts the asophogas so it has less slope) greater levels of progesterone during PG, that relax the smooth muscles, and the asophogas(sp?) is smooth muscle, so maybe a good sign, although it could also be the stress of waiting producing symptoms, I know that's always a possibility with me!!


Ca__sie - August 27

Usually heartburn is a symptom of later pregnancy. This is because the stomach moves to accomodate the baby and this disrupts the digestion a bit. None of my early pregnancy symptoms included heartburn.


StephB - August 27

Steph--I am also due for you know who on the 31st or 1st--Just today I've started having heartburn. Other than that, my only symptom is lots of lotiony cm. Do you have that? The only time I've EVER gotten HB was when I was pregnant. However, I didn't start getting it until I was about 6 months pregnant. So, who knows? But I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!! I want to be pregnant really bad also.


kc - August 27

I had real bad hb when pg. with my daughter, but it didn't start until I was around 4or 5 months. I never had it again and it left the day I delivered and I haven't had it since. I was told hb is a sign of a baby with a head full of hair. My daughter had so much hair when she was born, she could wear bows. Wheather there is any truth to the myth I'm not sure. I do believe hb starts in your second trimester. It is caused by the baby pushing everything out of the way to make room, thus less room in your stomach causing hb. It maybe possible you are pg, but hb this early is not a likely symptom. I know it's hard to wait, but you are better off waiting until af is due and take a hpt. To be sure. And as always if you think you maybe, take care of yourself, eat healthy, take your vitamin, stop smoking, drinking or doing other drugs. Lots of luck to you.


Steph - August 28

Thanks Christa and StephB!! I remember having slight heart burn when I was pregnant before, but it was in the latter months. I just thought it was werid, since nothing gives me heartburn to have it...I read that it can be the hormone levels changing that can cause it...Hopefully me and StephB will get a BFP and congrats to you Christa!! I hope you have a very healthy pregnancy!! :o)


Steph - August 28

Also Alison, I am hoping for a BFP for you as well!! And what was in your post, is what I had read about...yours was just way more informative!!!


Grandpa Viv - August 28

The increase in progesterone in early pregnancy has noticeable effects on the digestive tract. The "long" muscles kinda relax. This can cause gas either end, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and heartburn. There is a similar effect on the diaphragm, and you may find youself out of breath after running up the stairs two at a time. Good luck!


Steph - August 28

Thanks for the info Grandpa Viv!! My temps have been up from around the usual 97.4 or so to I am hoping that is a good sign....I also have tenderness around my b___sts that if you push on them, it's not the greatest feeling ever and semi-sore nipples....hopefully those are good signs as well!!


Alison - August 29

I have been waiting for today to test, figuring the whole time 28 days, which is today, but then it dawned on me af comes on the first which is tomorrow!! how silly of me, well I tested anyway and there was a super faint pink line, I may have missed it but I squinted and held it into the light. but it was there in the alloted time and after I noticed it I could see it every time I looked, in exactly the same spot, but it is bairly there. I oed late, day 17 or 18 so I am only 9 or 10 days pod even af is due tomorrow. what does everyone think?


StephB - August 31

Steph--Thank you so much!!! I also hope that we all get a BIG FAT +!!!!!!!! When are you going to test? Alison-I really think that you are preg. Which brand of test did you use?



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